Where To Celebrate The 2018 Royal Wedding In London (2023)

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding fast approaching, we're compiling a list of events and special offers going on in London to celebrate the nuptials. We'll be adding to this — including where you can watch the proceedings at public screenings — closer to the time, so keep checking back. Hoping to avoid the royal wedding altogether? We've covered that here.

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ROYAL HEN DO: If you want something very untraditional, head to Bethnal Green Working Men's Club the night before the wedding for Rihanna's Royal Hen Do, the premise being a hen do organised for Meghan by... Rihanna. Yeah, OK, so you'll have to suspend your disbelief for a bit, but if you can, you're promised L-plates, inflatables willies and a cutout Prince Harry. £5/£10. book ahead, 18 May, 9pm

HARRY'S STAG GO: BoxPark Shoreditch hosts its own approximation of Harry's stag do. Rumoured DJ of the royal wedding, Jevanni, will be taking over the Beatbox bar and free drinks are on offer to anyone who can prove they share a name with the happy couple. Free, book ahead, 18 May, 7pm-11pm

BIG CHILL BARS: These venues in Brick Lane and King's Cross have come up with special cocktails to toast the wedding. Harry's British Mule and Meghan's American Smash are both available on 18 and 19 May, with a combination of them both, Ginger Smash, available after the ceremony on 19 May. £7.50-£8.50, 18-19 May

ROYAL KNEES UP: Celebrate the nuptials east London-style with Pimms, prosecco and drag queens at The Book Club in Shoreditch. The wedding will be screened while you play wedding bingo and other British party games. £5, book ahead, 19 May, 10am-5pm

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WEDDING COURTYARD: Bluebird Chelsea's courtyard will be decked out in bunting for a screening of the wedding, followed by a live DJ. Food will be available to buy throughout the day, including a barbecue, strawberries and cream, and an all-day brunch. £25, book ahead, 19 May, from 10am

TEA DANCE: Southbank Centre's having a knees-up in the form of a tea dance and party with music, dancing and songs, all on a royal theme. Free, just turn up, 19 May, 11am

ROYAL WEDDING PARTY: What could be more British than watching the wedding screened in a Grade II listed church, along with a hog roast and champagne. Wedding themed activities include corsage making and wedding cake decorating, all inside One Marylebone Church. £25, book ahead, 19 May, 11am-5pm. Followed by an evening party in the Grand Hall. £30, book ahead, 7pm-2am

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WEDDING BRUNCH: The Water Poet in Spitalfields hosts a wedding themed brunch, with cocktails including the Ginger Groom and the Blushing Bride. Get a brunch main, a dessert and a drink for £17, and watch the nuptials on the screens dotted around the pub. £17, book ahead, 19 May, 11am

A RIGHT ROYAL CELEBRATION: Given that Fortnums is to the Queen what Tesco is to the rest of us, it seems simultaneously fitting and very, very odd that you can celebrate the nuptials here. Tuck into a one-day only Right Royal Celebration Afternoon Tea with champagne, scones and cakes while watching live coverage of the ceremony. £85, book ahead, 19 May, 11am-2pm

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DEVONSHIRE CLUB: Private members' venue Devonshire Club opens its doors to members and non-members alike for a celebration in the form of a Royal Wedding Garden Party. Watch the build-up to the wedding from 11am, then tuck into afternoon tea in the Garden Room at 12pm when the wedding begins. £32 per person, book ahead (email guestlist@devionshireclub.com), 19 May, 11am-6pm

GALVIN AT WINDOWS: This fancy restaurant with excellent views is holding a special lunch menu for one day only, accompanied by a screening of the wedding. Tuck into a three course menu designed by head chef Joo Won, preceded by an English sparkling wine reception. £50, book ahead, 19 May, 11.45am-2pm

SHOPPING SCREENING: A huge screen is popping up in the centre of London Designer Outlet in Wembley, where the wedding ceremony will be screened. Deckchairs will be provided (get there in plenty of time to bag yours) and the Outlet has more than 20 bars, restaurants and cafes where you can stock up on refreshments. Free, just turn up, 19 May, from noon

SWINGERS GOLF: Swingers West End, the crazy golf course that's taken over the old BHS on Oxford Street, will be screening the nuptials, allowing you to watch as you tee off. Bunting and themed props will be on hand for those who like a photo opportunity, and special cocktails will be available on the day, including Make Your Markle and The Royal Cup. 19 May, from noon

REGAL BRUNCH: Radio Rooftop hosts a special regal-themed brunch with a Brit Vs. Yank theme — think cod and chips meets pancakes. Plus the wedding will be screened — although we reckon the skyline views might distract you. Booking advised, 19 May, from noon

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ROYAL WEDDING BRUNCH: Watch the wedding as you tuck into brunch at Aster, a restaurant located not far from Buckingham Palace. On the menu are six cocktails designed specially for the wedding, including the Markle Sparkle and the Botswana Sunrise. Book ahead, 19 May, noon-4pm

SKYLIGHT SCREENING: Skylight, the rooftop at Tobacco Dock, is back this year with bars, street food, and activities such as pentanque. On wedding day, the proceedings will be screened up there on the roof, so you can kick back and watch while tucking into the food and drink on offer. Free entry, booking recommended for tables of more than 10 people, 19 May, noon

ROOFTOP PARTY: Take to the roof at Queen of Hoxton, get dressed up in your finest wedding gear (free shot if you're in a wedding dress) and party the afternoon away in the chapel which is popping up for the day. Drag King Elvis will be presiding over a mass wedding ceremony (a fake one... we think). £5/£8, book ahead, 1pm-7pm

ST JAMES'S MARKET: Kick back in a deckchair and watch the proceedings on a large screen which we're reliably informed will be popping up in St James's Market. More details to follow. 19 May

CHELSEA IN BLOOM: This year, the free flower festival taking over Chelsea's streets for those of us who can't be doing with THE Chelsea Flower Show has a royal-wedding-meets-summer-of-love theme. No, we can't quite envisage that either Various Chelsea locations, free, just turn up, 21-26 May 2018

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ROYAL PRET A PORTEA MASTERCLASS: Biscuits, basically. Spend two hours making a collection of pastries alongside the Berkeley Hotel's lead pastry chef — including some special bridal biscuits. The price for this one is available on request, but given that the regular masterclasses cost £225, you're probably looking at upwards of that for this one with additional bells and whistles.

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MADAME TUSSAUDS: Shortly after the engagement became public news, Madame Tussauds cashed in on it with an announcement that a Meghan Markle waxwork will be unveiled in May, shortly before the wedding. No update on that at time of writing, but you can hang out with the rest of the crew on the Royal Balcony.

HOTEL OFFERS: If you're coming to stay in London over the wedding weekend (perhaps you're a Windsor local looking to escape the madness), several hotels have special offers... provided budget isn't a problem. One Aldwych's Royal Wedding Celebration features a special cocktail and fresh flowers, starting at £345 per night. Zetter Townhouse offers a similar package with special cocktail and afternoon tea for a more eye-watering £530 one night stay. If you've got £2,000, or even £6,500, per night to spend, check out the Hotel Cafe Royal.

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PRINCE HARRY TOUR: Follow in the footsteps of the Ginger One on this two hour walking tour, which visits sites linked to Harry and the rest of the Royal family and — some might say distastefully — claims to "follow in the footsteps of the two young princes as they bravely walked in their mother Princess Diana’s funeral procession in 1997". You'll also hear about Meghan Markle, and how the couple met. Starts Westminster station, £12/£10, book ahead, Sundays April-October

ROYAL AFTERNOON TEA: Being located right across the road from Buckingham Palace, it's no wonder Rubens Hotel has a permanently ongoing Royal Afternoon Tea, which offers "mouth-watering pastries that were heavily influenced by Royal events and dining trends throughout the centuries". A Prince and Princess version is available for younger diners. Rubens Hotel, £39/£15 for kids (which is quite reasonable for a posh afternoon tea in London), book ahead, ongoing

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STREET PARTY: Want to hold your own street party? Find out how here.

What have we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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