Top 10 Excavating Companies Near Me | Angi (2023)

Reviews of Local Excavating Services Nearby

Basement Masters Waterproofing


They excavated the exterior of the foundation by hand, identified the problem, reparired the leak and replaced the excavated material.

- Paul M....

Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services


They did a great job and once the excavation was filled in and the lawn restored the excavation was hardly noticeable.

- David C....

Global Equipment Rentals


I used Global Excavations to help me install a french drain around my yard. They were extremely professional, helpful, and flexible with my project. The operator of the mini-excavator was very experienced and skilled. Overall, I was extremely excited with their performance and I look forward to using them again to help me excavate for a paver patio in the spring. Highly recommended

- Gregg S....

Odemz Plumbing


Odemz removed an old oil tank from my backyard. He was prompt and professional. He explained everything he did and answered all my questions. He cleaned up afterwards. Great job.

- Sonia N....

Cornerstone Excavation Inc


When I called Cornerstone, the phone was answered by the owner and not an answering machine. Ed took the time to listen to what I needed even when he was on the job. He provided a few options and we agreed on the next steps. He arrived right on time and scoped out the most efficient way to tackle my job. Ed finished the job in very little time and everything came out great!! Ed is an excavating expert and I highly recommend Cornerstone for your excavating needs

- David T....

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Andrew Grading and Excavating has done many jobs for myself and our business. The work has been nothing but top notch! His workings are polite, punctual, and communicate every step of the project. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants their job completed correctly.

- Dawn B....

Barratt Construction


My husband and I live in over 100 year old rowhome. The basement was unfinished and also riddled with asbestos and lead pipes. We decided to roll that remediation into a full basement remodel and chose to go with Barratt Construction to do so. I could not be happier with the experience, the work they did, or the final product! The estimate process was quick and clear. At every step, Peter & David were available immediately by text and phone if any questions or issues arose. The are honest, communicative, and cared deeply about the quality of the final construction. The workmen were skilled, courteous, and efficient. The project -- which involved remediation, excavating 8 inches to get a normal-height basement ceiling, & the interior construction of a family room, laundry room, bedroom, several large closets, and a closed storage area. Despite the huge scope of the project, they finished earlier than estimated. We will absolutely work with them again for any renovation

- Alexandra S....

Basement Masters Waterproofing


Randall came out to evaluate for giving us an estimate. We received the estimate and shortly thereafter, Walter and his crew came and began the work to completely redo our drainage system. We had been having problems with water seepage into the basement. We had the foundation repaired, and a new drainage system and sump pump installed. The work was somewhat pricey, but we are very happy with the results. Without this work, we would have expected several episodes of water in the basement, during this spring and summer of well-above average rainfall. Instead, our basement has been totally dry

- Amelia P....

Bright Construction Group


Our experience was seem less and we are very happy with the workmanship. Can’t speak to the longevity of the product but Bright explained to us what to do to make the concrete as strong as possible as it cures. So we’re hopeful it will last for years to come. Their price was also very fair. I have recommended Bright to several neighbors and I will use them again for future construction needs

- Jill B....

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Dwyer Plumbing, Heating & Air


We had an excellent experience with the folks at Dwyer from first contact through clean up. They were all very responsive and professional and came through with a solution that didn't involve bringing in heavy equipment and having to take down our fence for an exorbitant price like other companies proposed. An apprentice plumber came and did a thorough inspection and assessment of the problem the very day I called and the next day performed the work. Their approach saved us a lot of potential damage to our yard (and expense of equipment) by digging to the pipe BY HAND. The workers were courteous and careful of the surrounding area. They had the county come in to inspect their work after completion. This gave us peace of mind. Dwyer will be our first go to for future plumbing needs

- Janice R....

Anthony & Sylvan Pools


Very professional, always on time, always cleaned up afterwards, and great as trainers of our new pool equipment.

- Thomas D....

Anthony & Sylvan Pools


After meeting with multiple pool companies, we felt most confident in hiring Anthony & Sylvan to build our pool. We worked with Tom Bowers to design the pool. Even though he was the designer/salesman, he remained part of the entire process and continued to check-in with us, answer questions, and advocate for us throughout the entire process. He is very personable and a man of his word. Tyler Swavely was our project manager. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. As new pool owners, we relied on Tyler to explain a lot to us throughout the build. He always answered our questions and reassured us that everything was perfect. He never made us feel that any question was too small to answer. Halfway through our build, Tyler trained Brian Akstulewicz to take over as our project Manager. Brian was nothing short of amazing. Our pool was complete in April 2020 but Brian continued to answer phone calls, respond to texts and even facetime with us to help troubleshoot. He was very responsive and 8 months later he is still supporting us and answering our questions. Tom, Tyler, and Brian were wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend this team and Anthony & Sylvan to anyone thinking about building a pool! They make a stressful process enjoyable and exciting

- Sara W....

Anthony & Sylvan Pools


The build timeframe met our expectations and the subcontractors were professional and highly skilled. Our salesperson and project manager were responsive and knowledgeable throughout. Our end result was gorgeous! We did pay a lot extra for excavation that likely could have been done more cost-effectively and our plaster could have had a more consistent color on the end result. All in all, there’s never been a busier or more expensive time to buy a pool, and Anthony & Sylvan did a great job and I would recommend them

- Tracie L....

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Primo Construction


Disaster ! Dug excavation & then left town for several weeks. Leaving "swimming pool" outside my door. Damaged foundation during excavation. Almost never showed up when promised. They eventually abandoned the project over 1/2 done.

- Paul D....

Prince William Home Improvement


Arrived on time and finished in one day. Not completely sure the excavation was as deep as specified but seems stable and drains properly.

- Kenny B....

Go Green LLC


Christian was great!!! He came out to my house multiple times to review my basement and made sure he understood what my goals for the project were. He is extremely knowledgeable about basement foundations and underpinning. Additionally, he has a solid network of subcontractors and engineers to cover aspects of the job outside of his field. He provided multiple solutions which allowed differing pricing options. He really does seem to care that your happy with the solutions he presents and that they meet your goals. He takes his time to make sure you understand what he plans to do in each aspect of the job. I decided to make the project a DIY, but if I was to award the project, I would definitely use him. Even after I notified him that I was going to do the project myself, he offered to stop by and give advice when I did the project

- Michael T....


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Really responsive and helpful. We had a leak in the pipe from our well to the house. The owner came out and dug out the broken segments and replaced the piping. Highly recommend.

- Sarah B....

Bright Construction Group


Overall quality of work and flexibility of Bright Construction was excellent. Rui provided an estimate in a timely manner and was responsive to requests for clarifications and additional work that was added to the initial estimate. We had some problems with the weather and permits from the County that delayed the work a couple of times but Mike kept me up to date and always returned my calls and emails. The architect they originally hired I would never use again and recommend against as very difficult to work with and not accommodating any changes or alterations but Bright recovered well by using internal staff to modify the plans to meet the County requirements. The actual work itself was top notch. They excavated the basement down to 9+ft and then in sections underpinned the existing house foundation creating a new concrete foundation wall from the inside preserving my deck and the exterior perimeter of the house. Additionally, they created an exterior entrance and stairwell to the new basement area. The quality of the block work, the finish work on the concrete both the basement and garage was excellent. Bright installed an exterior drain system into a French drain and sump in the basement and an exterior drain around the perimeter of the garage. They also did a great job trying to preserve a neighbor's tree and the fence that was only 3 ft from the garage excavation and build. Along the way they made a number of helpful suggestions that didn't add cost but were items I hadn't considered and improved the overall function and aesthetics of the finished project. Finally, they did a nice job cleaning up and restoring the site when they were done. I would use them again in an instant

- Mark R....

Worldwide Waterproofing & Foundation Repair


My basement would leak, when it would rain, from where an exterior pipe entered the basement due to poor sealing. Ken came out to my home to review the damage, suggest a solution, and provide a quote. Ken was very helpful and answered my questions about warranties, described how the workers will try to save my bushes even when dug up by placing in water, and the timing before I signed the contract. I contacted the office to schedule the work to be performed. Two workers showed up on the day scheduled. They were late, but apologized and worked well while explaining what they were doing. A bush in my front yard was dug up to access the problem area. The workers had to come back the next day to leave time for a coating to dry. No problem. But I was concerned about my bush. I don?t live at this house so I wasn?t able to monitor exactly how the bush was left. The next morning, I noticed they left my bush just in the yard out of soil with no water (contrary to what Ken told me would happen). When the workers returned they finished the work and put the bush back and suggested I water it a lot over the next few days. Well, the bush is dead even after a lot of watering. I was disappointed what Ken noted would happen (bush will be in water) didn?t actually happen. I?m not so concerned over the bush itself, it was just disappointing to been told one thing during the sales consult and another thing happen during the actual work. When the workers left, I paid them via check and asked about when I will receive my warranty documentation. They said, as soon as the check has cleared they will mail the warranty. A few weeks went by (and my check cleared a few days after the work was done) and haven't received the warranty. I followed up with the office, the woman who answered my call took down my name and said they will have it in the mail shortly. Another few weeks go by. No warranty. I call the office several times over the next few weeks. Each time I am told they will put in the mail immediately. After five months have passed, I still did not have my warranty. UPDATE: Management followed up with me after this review and rectified the documentation situation. She was apologetic and wanted to change my perception of the company, which she did. She was very professional and FedEx'ed the warranty for the next day

- Marguerite S....



The work went absolutely terribly, and I ended up having to sue him. He installed the driveway, and a few months later it began to sink. He came back finally months later and then made a new contract with me for additional money to fix the driveway, seal it, and finish an area that he never finished in the first place. Then months later he refused to honor that contract. Through nearly a year in Maryland Circuit Court proceedings, he fought tooth and nail to get out of doing the work he promised to do. After refusing to compromise and split the cost of doing the driveway work he contracted for, the court ultimately awarded me the cost of hiring someone else to do the work after a full trial. Now, after being paid thousands of dollars for excavation work and my driveway, Whitworth says that he can't even satisfy the judgment so that I can fix my driveway. He apparently had money to hire a lawyer for almost a year to fight against me but not to make good on his contract with me. I built my home and dealt with dozens upon dozens of contractors. Whitworth is truly one of the worst I have ever dealt with. His work was terrible and shoddy; he didn't keep his word; he forced me to drag him to court; he refused any reasonable offer of compromise; and now he's making me chase after him to get the money the court awarded me so that I can fix my driveway. I would never hire him again, even if he offered to work for free

- Robert G....

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