The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (2023)

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Last Updated: Sunday February 26, 2023

These are the best dress shoes for men whether you need a pair for business or formal wear...

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (2)

Written by Hugo Whitehead

Even today, you can still tell a gentleman by his shoes. Whether deliberate or not, one’s choice in men’s dress shoes – Oxfords, Derbys, monks or brogues – can still point the way to a man’s character: is he stylish or not?

The reality is that quality and aesthetically on-point dress shoes for men can cover a multitude offashion sins. Conversely, cheap pleather knock-offs with a square-toe cap can undo hundreds of dollars invested in a made-to-measure suit. In short, you better get your shoes right if you want your outfit to work.

Don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve uncovered the best dress shoes for men. And, with the help of two knowledgeable luxury footwear experts, you’re about to discover the dos and don’ts of men’s dress shoes. Hint: it’s all about quality and being prepared to pay for it.

Dress Shoe Types

Before we get into what to expect from a pair of shoes depending on how much you’re able to spend, it’s important to get the various types of dress shoes out the way first, as it’s not necessarily as simple as just going out and getting a pair for work or a formal event. Each style has its own uses and connotations.

Oxford Shoes

The most formal and elegant of the dress shoe styles, the Oxford shoe distinguishes itself by a closed lace system. The eyelets for the shoelaces are generally located on the quarters (thepart of the shoe uppers that wrap around the heel) and meet the vamp (the shoe uppers that cover the toes and instep in the middle of the foot).

Oxford shoes are ones you would certainly want to be seen wearing in the boardroom at work. Their formal nature imparted by their closed lacing system will let others know you know how to dress and just how much of an impact a good pair of shoes can make. If you do invest in Oxford shoes, you’ll want to spend as much as possible to get a long-lasting reliable pair.

Derby Shoes

A slightly less formal leather lace-up, the Derby is characterised by quarters with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp. This construction is known as open lacing, compared to the closed version of the Oxford. Derby shoes can be worn to the office with no problem, although if you’re higher up in the pecking order, then we’d recommend you steer more towards an Oxford.

Monk strap

For traditional purists, the double monk is something unique. Fastened, not with laces but two leather straps with a metal buckle closure, it’s a die-hard favourite among contemporary gents with nostalgic tastes. To stand out from the crowd at a wedding, for example, the monk strap shoe is the way to go.


From the tassel to the penny loafer, the laceless leather dress shoe is a more relaxed, versatile option. “Some guys hate loafers. But for those who don’t, loafers are the perfect shoe for when you can’t think of what to wear,” says Nick Schaerf, co-founder of luxury men’s shoe store, Double Monk. “The no-lace factor appeals to our lazy side.”


Classically English, the brogue – with its perforated leather patina – is a great smart casual shoe and is perfect with a tweed blazer or waxed cotton jacket and jeans or chinos.

Well-Made Is Worth It

While most luxury shoes are $400-plus, their quality, craftsmanship and longevity far outweigh the hefty price tag. “Like with everything in fashion, investing in lasting, timeless footwear is the key. A well-made pair of shoes can last a lifetime if not generations,” says Ross Poulakis, founder of luxury retailer, Harrolds.

And, whether you go bespoke or not, luxury dress shoes for men are made for you. “High-quality shoes, if well fitted, will mould to your foot over time and provide support and comfort as they wear in,” Schaerf relates.

If, however, you simply can’t afford a pair of luxury dress shoes, then you’ll be pleased to know there are still plenty of pairs of good-quality cheap dress shoes that are far more wallet-friendly.

Cheap Vs. Luxury

“Goodyear welting, hand painting, hand stitching and premium leathers are common techniques that speak of the artisanship that goes into the construction of luxury footwear,” says Poulakis.

While exotic crocodile and ostrich skin shoes are on offer, the most common leather is cow, full-grain calf leather and “sometimes Cordovan, which is from a horse,” says Schaerf. “Full-grain leather can be conditioned and treated to remain soft and supple for decades.”

The way the leather is stitched and welted is also very important. “Most high-end Italian shoes are Blake stitched, built for loafing around in European piazzas rather than commuting or wearing several days a week for years on end.”

Speaking of Europe, English shoemakers can’t be beaten for sturdiness, says Schaerf. “The English bench-made shoe has its origins in military boot making, so durability has always been paramount, with refinement coming over many decades,” he adds. The cornerstone component? AGoodyear welted sole.

“The Goodyear-welted construction allows the shoes to be re-soled over and over again, so in theory, the shoes can last indefinitely. Some of our customers have had their shoes for forty or fifty years!”

And once you’ve got your shoe game sorted, check out the coolest sock brands for men to rock today and comfortable dress shoe brands if you’re more concerned about comfort than style.

Best Dress Shoes For Men FAQs

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If you still want help on choosing a pair of men’s dress shoes, we’ve got you covered. These are the best dress shoes for men to buy right now.

Julius Marlow

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (3)1/26

Price: From $150
Sizes: 7-15
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “Excellent shoe quality and prompt delivery despite busy time of the year.”

Born in 1928 on the streets of Melbourne, Julius Marlow has a rich history of quality shoemaking and has long been the go-to choice for Aussie men in the know.

The thing that’s always made Julius Marlow shoes so unique is how they combine classic bootmaking and dress shoe aesthetics with cutting-edge, ergonomic yet discreet innovations which make their shoes easy to live with and make looking premium look easy, such as their Crystal Sole and O2 Motion technologies.

Julius Marlow are mostly known for their Oxford shoes but you’ll also find plenty of loafers, Derbys and other styles in their range.

GH Bass

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (4)2/26

Price: From $155
Sizes: 7-13
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “Great quality shoes. Fit as expected. Will never go out of style. Comfortable right out of the box.”

Founded way back in 1876, GH Bass has remained committed to producing a huge range of shoes that encompass both classic designs and styles along with good-looking pairs that are a little bit more ‘out there’. The best thing about GH Bass, however, is how well their shoes are priced.

If loafers are what you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place, with nearly 100 pairs to choose from. You will find a few pairs of Oxfords and other lace-ups, but for slip supremacy, there’s nowhere better to go.

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Hugo Boss

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (5)3/26

Price: From $180
Sizes: 7-13
Material: 100% Cow leather
Customer Reviews: “This is a very nice shoe and very fashionable.”

Think formal attire and you can’t really skip past Hugo Boss. The high-end German menswear brand is somewhat synonymous with formal dress, with its suits being among some of the best in the business.

Why stop there? the design team asked. Why not outfit guys from head to toe in Hugo Boss? That’s exactly what you can do with the brand’s considered footwear collection. Derbies and Oxfords dominate the lineup, with both styles being offered in various shades of brown and black, and for those who want to inject some alternative style, you’ll find chunky sole variants too.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (6)4/26

Price: From $325
Sizes: 40-47
Material: Calf leather
Customer Reviews: “The calf leather on these handmade boots are soft and high quality, and the boots are very comfortable to wear.”

Scarosso is an Italian manufacturer of leather dress shoes for men that manages to sell pairs for less than you might expect thanks to a direct-to-consumer sales model. The company encompasses all the major dress shoe styles, from Oxfords to Derbys to loafers and monk straps, and with all pairs being handmade and incorporating a variety of construction methods, including both Blake and Goodyear welts, along with a combination of the two, you can be sure of a long-lasting pair that will look good for years to come.

Allen Edmonds

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (7)5/26

Price: From $395
Sizes: 6.5-15
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “Great dress shoe!! This was the first pair of Allen Edmonds that I purchased and I now have 9 pairs!! One word of advice, make sure you spend a little extra on leather lotion and polish. It will make a WORLD of a difference.”

Born in America in 1922, Allen Edmonds decided to employ some new shoemaking techniques in a bid to create even more comfortable dress shoes for men. This saw the company do away with nails of any kind, as well as the metal bar that many other companies use under the instep.

The decision continues to prove to be a successful one, with many claiming Allen Edmonds shoes to be incredibly comfortable. You’ll find a range of styles and designs within the company’s range, including Boulevard Cap and Wingtip Oxfords, along with a multitude of colours that will work with any suits you have in your wardrobe.

Cole Haan

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (8)6/26

Price: From $300
Sizes: 7-13
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “Great shoes. Very comfortable. Look great in court.”

American footwear giant Cole Haan is in the business of providing everyone with the perfect pair of shoes. With many pairs being available in extended sizes, widths, and all pairs being ready to wear right from the off with no real break-in period required, they’re proof you don’t need to resort to centuries-old brands for great quality men’s dress shoes.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (9)7/26

Belsire is another Italian manufacturer of high-quality leather dress shoes for men that belie their price tag. Belsire constantly strives to keep up to date with the very latest in footwear materials and production methods, to ensure the dress shoe needs of the modern man are consistently met.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (10)8/26

Price: From $290
Sizes: 7-14
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “I can unequivocally say their quality is beyond excellent. I find the materials used is of very good quality and the fit is comfortable.”

British fashion label Reiss nestles neatly in the space between high-street fast fashion and truly high-end designer, offering guys an affordable premium collection of clothes, accessories and footwear that favours neutral tones and plain designs across formal and casual pieces.

Reiss’ dress shoe range isn’t the largest ever, and you won’t find any Oxfords, but instead, you’ll be able to choose from Derbies, loafers and plenty of monk straps, all of which use high-quality leather and are made in Italy.

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Charles Tyrwhitt

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (11)9/26

Price: From $225
Sizes: 7-12
Material: 100% Calf leather
Customer Reviews: “Great quality worth for the money, best service ever!!!”

A name heavily associated with all things business and formal is Charles Tyrwhitt. The British label was founded on London’s Jermyn Street and has since become a force to be reckoned with within the dress shirt space.

Charles Tyrwhitt also has a generous selection of dress shoes for men to match, ticking off all major styles. Goodyear welted soles feature across much of the range, as do both leather and suede.

Ted Baker

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (12)10/26

Price: From $170
Sizes: 8-12
Material: 100% Bovine leather
Customer Reviews: “LOVE THESE SHOES! I am a true 8 and ordered and 8. The size is perfect. The heel height is perfect (3in) and easy to walk in. I give comfort a 9 out of 10.”

British luxury clothing brand Ted Baker has asserted its place within the fashion sphere through predominantly word of mouth, since they don’t really do advertising. Ted Baker aims to inject humour into its pieces, along with other quirks such as coloured laces or interesting patterns and prints.

Ted’s dress shoe range encompasses all your classic styles including loafers, Derbies, brogues, Oxfords and various styles of boots, many of which introduce subtle pops of colour, lending them to being versatile enough to be worn for semi-formal and formal events.

Johnston & Murphy

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (13)11/26

Price: From $169
Sizes: 7-15
Material: Italian leather
Customer Reviews: “Good fit and very comfortable.”

When you’re an official supplier of footwear to the US Presidents, then you must be doing something right. That’s certainly the case for Johnston & Murphy, a footwear and clothing company that can have its history traced back to 1850. In the 170 years since, Johnston & Murphy has continued to produce high-quality shoes made using traditional techniques that will be guaranteed to last you countless wears.

While J&M does blur the lines between formal and casual for its main shoe collection, the company also has a range of dress classics, which comprises several pairs of Oxfords in various colours. The company’s XC4 range (which is performance focused) also encomapsses pairs that can be worn in more formal situations.

J. Crew

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (14)12/26

Price: From $158
Sizes: 7-13
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “They are lightweight, comfortable, and simply stylish.”

Not just a supplier of shirts and chinos to preppy college boys, J. Crew completes the outfit with its own range of footwear. Select collections are made in collaboration with other well-known footwear brands, but J. Crew’s solo efforts are equally appealing.

The dress shoe range is made up of a fair number of loafers which lend themselves to being worn with more semi-formal and business-casual outfits too, alongside Derbies, that can be resoled in the future thanks to their Goodyear welt construction and well-fitting thanks to a generous selection of sizes.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (15)13/26

Price: From $354
Sizes: 35-50
Material: 100% Leather
Customer Reviews: “The leather is of good quality and they are supremely comfortable.”

Doucal’s is something of a revelation within the men’s dress shoe industry. The Italian company was only founded in 1973, meaning several of its peers have at least 100 years head start, yet the brand has already cemented itself as one of the big players for men seeking formal footwear everywhere. Doucal’s secret is combining the quality and comfort of Italian leather, but using it to create shoes in an unmistakably British way. After all, it’s the Brits who have really put their stamp on the luxury footwear scene, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Doucal’s shoe range encompasses all the major styles and colours, and offers select pairs with varying heights of heel to help you achieve the perfect look for you.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (16)14/26

Price: From $259
Sizes: 6.5-12.5
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “Order to the UK, and arrived on time without any problems. Shoe itself is perfect, no flaws and looked great. Would highly recommend.”

Swedish footwear brand Myrqvist employs a direct-to-consumer approach so that it can offer customers handcrafted dress shoes for men for a much more affordable price compared to its competitors. Leather and suede are sourced from France and the UK respectively, and all shoes are put together in Portugal.

All dress shoe styles are catered for in Myrqvist’s collections, with both leather and suede used across the ranges. In some instances, you can even customise the sole to be either full leather or half-leather and half-rubber.

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The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (17)15/26

Price: From $137
Sizes: 39-48.5
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “Overall, these shoes are probably worth the price-point.”

German footwear brand Lloyd was founded in 1905, setting up a factory in Sulingen, where it remains today. Each pair of Lloyd shoes is distinguished by a red stripe found on the bottom of the heel, a mark they have adorned since 1968. While Lloyd shoes aren’t all produced by hand, they do at least get seen by real hands for the finishing process. However, the factory production method allows them to not only produce a varied and extensive range but also allows them to be much more affordable than some other brands on this list.

You can still be confident of a well-made pair of Oxfords or Derbies if you invest in this brand as Lloyd is keen to uphold its years-long reputation for being a manufacturer of choice for businessmen the world over.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (18)16/26

Price: From $365
Sizes: 5-14
Material: Boxcalf leather
Customer Reviews: “I stumbled on to this shoe of Carmina and I can just say they are phenomenal. The craftsmanship and quality is unrivaled.”

This Marjorca-based shoemaker has been producing its eclectic range of dress shoes for men on the island since 1866. The fact the company is still going strong today should tell you all you need to know about the quality of the shoes that walk out of the factory. Carmina is dedicated to sourcing the finest quality leathers to use for all of its handcrafted shoes and as a strong supporter of the Goodyear welt, Carmina shoes will last you for many, many miles.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (19)17/26

Price: From $356
Sizes: 6-12
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “Their shoes are comfortable, the leather is good quality, they’re generous with the sizes especially if you’re wide footed.”

Grenson was founded in the same year as Carmina, albeit in Northamptonshire, England. Although Grenson didn’t adopt its company name until 1913, by then it was already well established and, like Carmina, was known for its commitment to using the Goodyear welt construction method, resulting in durable dress shoes for men that offered style and substance in spades. Grenson remains synonymous with luxury and quality today and is best known for its use of brogue detailing across shoes and boots. In fact, it’s hard to find a pair of Grenson shoes without the detailing, so if it’s a formal pair of men’s dress shoes that can be worn casually with jeans and a blazer you’re after, Grenson is a tough brand to beat.

Crockett and Jones

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (20)18/26

Price: From $550
Sizes: 6-14
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “High quality shoe with a classic, simple style.”

Another prestigious shoemaker to hail from Northamptonshire is Crockett & Jones. The English company, like others on this list, has an illustrious history in the shoemaking game, having been founded in 1879. C&J specialises in Goodyear welted footwear and in a bid to retain its high-quality craftsmanship and reputation, remains family-owned to this day.

Crockett & Jones has been the official boot supplier to the British Army during WWI and has been on the receiving end of a few awards direct from the British Monarchy. With a number of boutiques in high-end fashion destinations including London and Paris, C&J represents the absolute pinnacle in quality.

Paul Smith

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (21)19/26

Price: From $362
Sizes: 5-13
Material: 100% Leather
Customer Reviews: “Great shoe, super stylish, fits true to size.”

Paul Smith is a British brand that can be consistently relied upon when it comes to quintessential British sartorial style. Whether it be suits, shirts or shoes, Paul Smith has you covered for all bases. Paul’s dress shoe range includes Oxford and Derbies and with them, you can expect 100 per cent leather and comfort guaranteed.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (22)20/26

Price: From $675
Sizes: 6-14
Material: 100% Leather
Customer Reviews: “It’s a very unstructured shoe, it has no heel cap and no toe cap and is thus very comfortable to wear.”

Italian luxury footwear brand Tod’s is perhaps best known for its range of high-end suede driving shoes and loafers, making it the go-to company for summer-orientated footwear. Did someone say sprezzatura?

Edward Green

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (23)21/26

Shop at - From $1,285

(Video) Ranking Men's RTW Shoes over $500 (28 BEST & WORST Brands!)

Price: From $1,285
Sizes: 8-13
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “The leathers Edward Green uses are simply superb, among the best in RTW-shoemaking. They have a clean, smooth grain with beautiful aniline dyes and burnished finishing.”

Also muscling its way into Northamptonshire-based luxury shoemaking is Edward Green. Edward’s shoes were favoured by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and the Duke of Windsor shortly after the company found its footing in 1890.

The company remains in northern England today and produces around 350 pairs of shoes a week. It might not sound like many, but considering they’re all handcrafted proves just how much time goes into creating each individual pair. Edward Green also prides itself on its lasts (the ‘mould’ for want of a better word, that each pair is based on) as they offer unique profiles and supreme comfort. You’ll find pairs encompassing the Oxford style, double and single monk straps and even whole-cut shoes, which are made from a single piece of leather. Fancy.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (24)22/26

Price: From $1,150
Sizes: 5-13
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “The shoe is extremely well-made and hardly showcases the wear-n-tear I’ve put it through. None of the stitching has come undone.”

Church’s is certainly one of the more famous shoemaking companies to come from Northampton, and, likes its peers, was founded in the late 1800s. The company initially had workers producing shoes from their own homes before finally bringing production under one roof, and the company really found its footing when it launched an ‘Adaptive’ collection of shoes that offered customers the chance to essentially customise their dress shoes in various widths, materials and even half-sizes (something not offered by most other rival manufacturers).

Today, the company continues to exude luxury, with all of their dress shoes for men being put together by hand using soft and supple leathers, Goodyear welts and lasts that have quite literally stood the test of time. If you have a pair of Church’s in your dress shoe collection then you can confidently claim to be at the top of your footwear game.

John Lobb

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (25)23/26

Price: From $1,590
Sizes: 7-12
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “Worth every penny and I’ve ordered another pair, so hopefully I’m set for life.”

Another brand sitting at the top end of the budget spectrum is John Lobb, but there’s a good reason for it. The British company, which started life (and is still best known for) as a boot maker before expanding into dress shoes for men too, is a true master of its craft. Minute details on every pair of shoes, such as seamless back pieces and whole cut quarters only add to their luxurious nature, not to mention the use of Goodyear welts and hand-finished touches all over to leave you with a pair of shoes that will last numerous wears.

John Lobb not only has pairs of shoes covering Oxfords, monk straps, loafers and Derbys, but also offers a bespoke service, allowing you to order a pair of shoes that are cut to fit your exact dimensions.


The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (26)24/26

Price: From $275
Sizes: 6-15
Material: Camello leather
Customer Reviews: “Top notch quality for the price and craftsmanship is excellent.”

Founded in 2014, TAFT is a men’s footwear brand specialising in unique, bold shoe designs. TAFT shoes are produced in Spain and Portugal with premium textiles ranging from suiting wool, to woven upholstery fabric, to Charles F. Stead leather. Meticulous in their work, intentional in their designs, and obsessive over what makes the cut, TAFT has become well-known for their extremely well-made unique men’s shoes.

TAFT has a huge range of extremely well crafted dress shoes for men, all made with premium leather, in a variety of unique styles that’ll make you stand out in a crowd.

Jack Erwin

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (27)25/26

Price: From $248
Sizes: 7-14
Material: Calf leather
Customer Reviews: “Personally, I like the faux stitching as I think it adds a little elegance and visual balance to the shoe.”

Founded in 2013, Jack Erwin was launched with one sole purpose: to create truly timeless men’s shoes. Partnering with the finest factories and artisans in the world, creating custom styles, and eliminating costly markups and middlemen that drive up the costs of other quality men’s dress shoes, Jack Erwin produces some of the best men’s footwear available that’s surprisingly affordable.

Modern yet timeless, Jack Erwin has a huge selection of dress shoes for men that are refined, precise, and unadorned for an extremely reasonable price.

Ace Marks

The 27 Best Dress Shoes For Men In 2023 (28)26/26

Price: From $324
Sizes: 5-15
Material: Leather
Customer Reviews: “The quality of this shoe is outstanding, I was happy and surprised of such a great material.”

Founded in 2012, Ace Marks believes that men shouldn’t have to spend obscene amounts for a handcrafted world-class shoe. Using modern technology, to cut out middlemen and their markups, Ace Marks can directly deliver cleverly contemporary, utterly luxurious shoes (which rival those of the top luxury brands) all at an attainable price.

With a huge range of dress shoes for men – and with every style from monk straps to oxfords on offer – you’re sure to not only feel comfortable but also make a lavish powerful statement when rocking a pair of Ace Marks’ men’s dress shoes.


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