Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (2023)

Fancy dress is one of the most exciting and fun things for the little ones. They love to dress up and resemble their favorite cartoon character or animal or fruit and many more. We have got plenty of school fancy dress competition ideas for kids that you could try this year.

You must know that there are many ways of getting your kid ready for the fancy dress competition, either you could rent the dress from a local market or buy them online or the easiest one if to make it at home with the available resources. Most of the ideas that we have are simple and can be done at home easily. Not only does it cost less but also helps in creating and kids love the effort we put in. It is indeed fun to be creative and go beyond the boundaries because kids enjoy it too.

I still remember the time when I was 5 years old and my mom made me a nurse for a fancy dress competition in school. It was as simple as wearing a plain white shirt with a white skirt and smart ballerinas. I was so excited! She made a beautiful white nurse hat for me that looked perfect and gave me a few lines to speak. I was more than elated to do it. I held my favorite doll that I had named “Mona” and acted as though she was ill and was my patient. I had a syringe in hand (of course without the needle) and pricked through my doll to give her some rest and medication along with the lines I had mugged up. I won the 2nd price and it made a beautiful childhood memory for me that I will cherish always.

Every school has fancy dress competitions and kids love to get creative and have all the fun. Also, the best part is, if you have an elder child, all the things can pass on to the younger one. Have a quick look at the fancy dress competition ideas for kids we have got for you.

School Fancy Dress Competition Ideas for Kids:

1. Tiger Fancy Dress Costume:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (2)

Let your kid be a powerful tiger this school fancy dress competition and roar out loud. Simple way to go about it will be to face paint the kid’s face with kid-friendly color and a combination of orange with black stripes and some white lines. Take a look at the picture, you can replicate the picture. Make the kid wear a combination of orange/ red and black dress. If you have faux fur, it is the right time to make a long tail for the kid, if not; you could easily make it with the help of an orange craft paper and glue. The whole motive is for the kid to have fun, so check with the child what else they are willing to do. Show them some moves and how to roar while on stage performing for the kids fancy dress competition.

2. Traffic signal Dress Costume:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (3)

With a chart paper, you can make this traffic signal dress costume easily for your little one. Take a black chart paper and cut it into a rectangular shape which could fit the kid’s height. Cut three big circles either from the red, green and orange chart paper or white paper and color them as red, green and orange. Paste them on the rectangular body in a sequence of red, orange and green. Next, make your kid wear a full black shirt or t-shirt and pants. Place this rectangular box through the head and let them be the signal today. Teach them the moves with hands to stop and go.

3. Rockstar Costume for Fancy Dress:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (4)

Kids are already inspired by the singers in the Hollywood industries and especially fancy the rock bands. It is time for them to live the dream and feel what they feel. All you need is a guitar for the kid and some styling gel for their hair. Let them wear their jeans (the rugged the fancier and stylish) and a T-shirt with quotes and a black or brown leather jacket from their wardrobe. Have their hair spiked up with a hair gel and give them some wristbands or finger rings to make it look more rock. Let the kid sing their favorite song on stage and get applauded for being a rock star and giving a rocking performance this day. Don’t forget to click a lot of pictures.

4. Superman Fancy Dress Costume:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (5)

Give the child all the power today to heal and to fly. Give the kid the power to hold the mountains and stop the trains. Yes make a simple Superman costume for the kid with a cape around his neck and let them fly. Teach them the Superman pose to do and let them have fun. Although a blue and red color cape with red underwear on top of the pant makes it evident that the child is a superman indeed. But if not, a cape is enough to show.

5. Queen of the jungle:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (6)

A simple yet extremely creative costume to make for the fancy dress for kids. All you need is for them to wear a black overall covering t-shirt and pant along with the highly creative leave on top. You will need to cut out large leaves and paste it on the top. To make it dense, paste them one below the other and with some Christmas ornaments, you can beautify the costume. Using a hair band, stick some leaves to it and let them wear it in their wrist and on the hairband as well, stick flowers and leaves. Your queen of the jungle is ready for the walk.

6. Spiderman Fancy Dress Costume:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (7)

Who doesn’t love Spiderman? Especially the kids are a fan of Spiderman and want to enact like them every time they get a chance. Although you might have to restrict your kid from jumping from a height and sticking to the wall they could be a perfect superhero this day. The costume comes with a mask that the superhero wears. A kid would love it. And the best part? They could wear this even on a Halloween night! But this right away today and surprise your kid. You get this easily either online or at the stores.

Or simply make the kid wear a blue and a red combination pant and shirt and simply paint their face with red and black webs on it as shown in the picture. Teach them the Spiderman moves with the hand trying to take out the web and the posture in which he sits. An innovative way to do it at home is the best.

7. Annabelle doll for Fancy Dress Costume:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (8)

This is one of the best school fancy dress competition ideas for the kid where you could make your kid look like Annabelle doll from the horror movie. Make the girl wear a white frock with a red bow in it. For the hair and face which is the most important bit here to make up. Make two braids on either side and tie a red ribbon to the ends. The doll has flicks or bangs in the front and a little messed up hair. Once you are done with that, come to the facial makeup. Make the eyebrows prominent and arched and black eyeshadow around the eye cavity.

Apply some mascara but make it messy too as the doll has a little messed up dirty face. Apply some pink or red blush to the cheek and with an eyebrow pencil or pencil liner, trace the smile lines on the face as shown in the picture. Apply red lipstick to the lips and you are done! Don’t get scared yourself looking at your kid. Let them know they have to keep their eyes large wide open and with a smile on their face, walk like a zombie on the stage or just sit and move their head in sudden jerks. You could as well make a knife with a cutout from the cardboard piece and paste a silver foil on the blade portion. Your little devil is ready to shock the school.

8. Witch Fancy Dress Costume:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (9)

One of the cutest fancy dress ideas for kids where your little one could be a cute little witch. All you need is to make a witch hat and a combination of black dress and frills. With the help of crepe rolls or ribbons and nets.

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (10)

Take a look at this picture; the witch hat is made with simple conical shape paper or cloth and some frills coming out of it at the base. Make your little princess look beautiful with for the school fancy dress competition.

9. Pink flamingo Ballerina Dancer Costume:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (11)

Make your baby girl princesses feel with the best of the combination of pink and while ballerina costume with feathers. Check out the picture here, you can have a plain pink frock for your kid and attach some feathers from the market to the dress. As you go down, start adding white feathers and make it the base. For the cap and neck accessory, you will need cardboard and feathers again. Take a ribbon and affix a lot of ribbons and you could simply hand it around the neck. Similarly, cut a hairband shape cardboard for the head and stick feathers and other decorative items on it. Isn’t that going to make her look the prettiest this day and spreading her love everywhere.

10. Zombie Fancy Dress Costume:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (12)

Another scary yet amazing fancy dress costume that you can have your kid to get ready with easily at home is the zombie dress. You will need a nice lacy back and white dress combination. However, the most important bit here is the facial makeup and the hairdo. Either you could just go in for a wig which is a little easier one to affix, but you could as well make their hair messy by backcombing it and spraying some kid-friendly hairspray to make it stay.

The face, of course, does not need a lot of proper style of makeup but a layer of foundation that should be a level brighter tone than the skin of the baby or face powder that could stay and make the face go all white. With the eyeliner, make some outline to the eye and in the eye cavity, make it dramatic with the black eyeshadow such that it looks deep. Next, apply a dark purple or black lipstick and across the lip, as shown in the picture, using an eyeliner, make lines to resemble stitches. You could use the red lipstick to make some bruise marks or with the black liner itself. Your little love is ready to be a scary zombie.

11. Elf Costume for the Fancy Dress:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (13)

A green and red combination is all you look for when it comes to elves. You could make some candy canes with the help of cardstock and stick them on the dress. With the help of cardboard, you could also make a neck accessory. Cut a circular shape to fit the neck of the child and cut out alternate triangles in them. Your little elf is ready to rock the fancy dress competition at school.

12. Blue Princess:

Easy Innovative Ideas For School Fancy Dress Competition (14)

Your princess needs a simple getup to let the world bow to her. Prefer a velvet dress for the girl with some shimmers in them. You could make the leafy skirt for the girl with the help of felt papers and lace. Cut the felt paper in the shape of a petal and variate the size, such that when you stick them on the ribbon, you start with a layer of the smaller petals. Gradually increase the size to make them the largest at the bottom. Stick one layer and at the back of it you must stick the next round of petals.

Such that when you tie the lace across the waist of the kid, the whole arrangement looks like a flower blooming. Make some hand accessories as well with the same idea of a ribbon or could use elastic here and some lace or net cloth of the same color. Affix them to the elastic and let them wear it around the arms. Make a beautiful tiara for the girl with their hair band. With the help of hot glue gun, you can place some stars and decorative stones to let it sparkle.

All these are a pretty much doable project for school fancy dress ideas. The whole point is to have fun and enjoy it, so more than a project it is a thing to rejoice. So do not forget to click lots of pictures, capture the bloopers and cherish these memories for life. Write to us if you did try any of these and also share your ideas via the comments section. We love to hear from you.

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