Breath Of The Wild: Where To Find Chuchu Jelly And Everything It's Used For (2023)

By Payton Lott


Chuchu Jelly might not seem like much, but it has some fairly useful uses. Here's where you can get it and how you can get the most out of it.

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Breath of the Wild may be over four years old, but it is such a remarkable game that players will enjoy the experience time and time again. New players and players exploring the story for a subsequent time will need to acquire Chuchu Jelly for a variety of purposes. The item is dropped by Chuchu, which can be found throughout Hyrule.


The Chuchu are a gel-based monster that gamers will come across at lower levels, but their Chuchu Jelly is essential later in the game. This guide will cover the types of Chuchu Jelly, its applications, and where to find it.

Updated on August 30, 2021 by Payton Lott: One of the main reasons players will want to collect Chuchu Jelly in BOTW is to upgrade armor sets. This updated guide includes information about upgrading each set, including the necessary ingredients for each upgrade. Many of these upgrades will be crucial as Link fights his way through Hyrule. Another primary Chuchu Jelly use is creating Dubious Food. When Link is moments from death, the strange food can help save his life, but for a price. Readers should look to the final section of this guide if they would like to farm infinite Chuchu.

Types Of Chuchu Jelly

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There are four different types of Chuchu Jelly in BOTW, including plain, white, red, and yellow. Plain Chuchu jelly is a drop from Chuchu in the wild. Plain Chuchu Jelly can be sold to Beedle and Kilton for five Rupees and three Mon respectively. The plain Chuchu Jelly dropped from the Blue Chuchu can also be transformed into the other three types of Jelly. The Jelly is elementally transformed by ice, fire, or electrical energy. Listed below are all three of the elemental Jellies and how players can transform Blue Jelly using the elements.

  • White Chuchu Jelly: Strike with an ice weapon/frost attack or place in an icy area.
  • Red Chuchu Jelly: Strike with a fire weapon/ fire attack or place in fire.
  • Yellow Chuchu Jelly: Strike with an electric weapon/ electric attack or get it struck by lightning.

Each type of Chuchu jelly can also be found in the wild, but the elemental Chuchu are not as common and are more difficult to farm. Players will want to have each type of Jelly for the reasons stated below.

Chuchu Jelly Uses

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The most common reason players will want to collect BOTW Chuchu Jelly is to craft upgraded armor. Plain Chuchu Jelly is used to upgrade the Soldier's set, which is important while progressing in Breath of the Wild. Below are the three other types of Jelly and the armor sets they are used to upgrade.

  • White Chuchu Jelly: Desert Voe Set
  • Red Chuchu Jelly: Snowquill Set
  • Yellow Chuchu Jelly: Rubber Set

Armor Sets

In order to make upgrades to armor, players must first find at least one of the four Great Fairy Fountains. Each of them are listed below for people to reference.

  • Great Fairy Cotera: Forest above the Kakariko Village.
  • Great Fairy Kays: North side of Pier Ridge in the southern Tabantha Frontier.
  • Great Fairy Mija: North side of Kaepora Pass in the Akkala Highlands.
  • Great Fairy Tera: Southwest end of the Gerudo Desert, in the Great Skeleton.

The Soldier's Set is a metal armor set that can be picked up in the Hateno Village from the Ventest Clothing Boutique. The set provides a base defense of 4 with a max armor of 28 at Tier 4. Gamers will need a total of 5 Chuchu Jelly to get a Tier 1 upgrade of +3 armor. Despite base armor, a completed set does not provide any additional bonus. The remaining sets, and their upgrades, are included in the table below.

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Armor Set

Armor Upgrade

Status Upgrade


Desert Voe

Tier 1: 5 Armor Tier 2: 8 Armor

Tier 1: Heat Resistance Tier 2: Shock Resistance

Tier 1: 3 White Chuchu Jelly Tier 2: 5 White Chuchu Jelly and 3 Ice Keese Wing


Tier 1: 5 Armor Tier 2: 8 Armor

Freeze Resistance

Tier 1: 3 Red Chuchu Jelly Tier 2: 5 Red Chuchu Jelly and 3 Warm Safflina


Tier 1: 5 Armor Tier 2: 8 Armor

Shock Resistance

Tier 1: 3 Yellow Chuchu Jelly Tier 2: 5 Yellow Chuchu Jelly and 5 Voltfruit


In BOTW, Chuchu Jelly also serves one other principle purpose, creating elixirs. Instead of using Monster Parts, gamers can use Chuchu Jelly. This will not alter the process apart from the need for Monster Parts. Additionally, combining Chuchu Jellies with ordinary types of food will create dubious food. Dubious food will restore Link's hearts and increase his rupees twofold.

However, eating the food will reduce his overall health by 20 percent as a result. To obtain the recipe for Dubious Food, users need to complete the "Extreme Survival Cuisine" quest. Initiate the quest by traveling over to Satori Mountain and interact with the cooking pot there. People should complete the quest to make sure Link can heal up in less than ideal situations.

Best Places To Find Chuchu

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The Blue Chuchu can be found throughout Hyrule, specifically in the grassy plains and the Great Plateau. Players can search for the Giant Blue Chuchu as well, which is north of West Necluda in the Floret Sandbar. This Giant Chuchu will drop three BOTW Chuchu Jelly instead of one. Giant Blue Chuchu will appear in Hyrule Field as well, but not as consistently. All four types of Chuchu and where to find them are included below.

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  • Blue Chuchu: Hyrule Field and West Necluda
  • White Chuchu Jelly: Hebra Mountains
  • Red Chuchu Jelly: Death Mountain and other scorched areas
  • Yellow Chuchu Jelly: Gerudo Desert and Faron forests

Gamers that want to skip the tedium of searching for and farming Chuchu can use the infinite farming method, which is explained in the following section.

Infinitely Farm Chuchu

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Players will need to fast travel to the Keo Ruug Shrine in the Korok Forest and participate in the Trial of Wood. After arriving in the Shrine, gamers should head straight between the two large trees. There will be a path to the right that leads to an NPC that says "I hope you studied!". Before beginning the trial, players will want to have a movement speed buff active. The stealth or the dark armor set will help to speed up the process even more, but it is not necessary.

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Each of the trials will cost players 25 Rupees, but there will always be at least six Chuchu in each trial. This method is the only way to ensure that Chuchu will respawn automatically in Breath of the Wild. While it will not be cheap to use this method, it is the fastest way to farm Blue Chuchu. After killing all of the Chuchu, players can throw their weapon to be disqualified from the trial.

The entire process will take around thirty seconds each time. Gamers can get all of the Jelly they need in about ten to fifteen minutes. Because the other types of jelly can be created using the Blue Jelly, this is the only method gamers need to use to collect the necessary Jelly to upgrade armor in Breath of the Wild.

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