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Are you on a relentless hunt for some viral pre wedding poses for couples? Or
would you like to stay informed about the best couple poses for indian pre
wedding photography? We have got some great news for you!

After an insightful discussion with the top pre-wedding photographers in Kerala,
we have compiled an exciting curation for all the soon-to-be-married couples. Our
curation includes a variety of poses any couple can try no matter how camera
sensitive they are!

The significance of the pre-wedding shoot is inexplicable as these photos have
different roles to play. From ‘save the date’ virtual invites to ‘gratitude cards’
that are distributed at the end of the wedding, pre-wedding clicks travel around
a lot. Hence, it’s time to polish those posing skills. Sit tight! while we present
you with an exciting guide on how to nail the best couple poses for pre wedding

1) A Gesture of Love

These trending pre wed shoot poses here convey the strong emotional bond shared
by the couple. Clearly, gentle gestures like a soft lift off the floor are genuinely
exciting and special to try out. To point out, maintaining eye contact is supremely
important to make these portraits expressive and full of life.

Tapping softly at each other’s noses simultaneously, brief hugs etc are some other
ideas. Those who are not comfortable with such affectionate poses shall attempt more
relaxed ideas like interactive walks with the partner by holding hands.

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Most importantly, the presence of mind and the approach towards the entire shoot
determine the output. To relax, the couple shall take mini-breaks during each posing
session. Evidently, prolonged sessions might trigger the anxiety factor of both the
bride and groom to be.

Considering the intensity of these poses, the professional pre wedding photographers
in Kerala always make it a point to not force the couple if they find it difficult
to achieve a particular pose.

2) The Twirling Pose

Dance poses were the most underrated pre wedding couple photoshoot poses of 2022.
Interestingly, most couples find it exciting to attempt these twirling poses for
their special shoot. Also, the twirling itself can create a bunch of portraits during the
different movements involved in the particular pose. As compared to the stills and
candids we normally see, poses that include dance steps like these appear to be more
dynamic. To clarify, the couple may not actually need to dance before the camera.

Instead, they can just enact simple dance poses with the directions from the
photographer. The beauty of these pre wedding romantic couple photoshoot poses
reflects to its fullest often in wide frames. As we look at the beach shot we have
showcased here, our couple is enjoying their little moment by holding on to each
other. Clearly, no difficult dance steps or poses are attempted here.

3) Chitchats & Giggles

A little chitchat can be the most relaxing way to begin any pre-wedding shoot. It can
even be a little interactive session between the couple and the photographer. Followed
by which, the photographer shall start clicking. For those who find candid pre-wedding
photoshoots super awkward and uncomfortable, this is a great idea to get them warmed up.

4) The Standard Poses

Along with the experimental new-gen poses, we would also like to discuss the legendary
pre-wedding poses of all time. Oftentimes, the couple appears to be color-coordinated,
wearing the exact same color or fabric in pre-weddings shoots of 2019 and before!

(Video) The Vintage White | Pre-Wedding Shoot Highlights of Aswathy & Jibin!!

The simple pre wedding photoshoot ideas we see here have been adapted by
photographers of all time to create ‘save the date’ photos and photo-calenders.
Contrasting to the fluidity and fuss-free in-motion portraits that are trending
these days, the poses we see here are pre-planned neatly directed ones.

Here, the couple simply has to maintain calm and composure in their facial expressions
as the pose has already been crafted with support. We feel equally excited when our
couple suggests to try out these stills along with the customized poses that we have
planned. Clearly, for quick shoots clouded with stressful feels, these poses come in handy.

5) An Evening Stroll

A brief evening stroll at the beach or in the woods is a perfect way to bag some
aesthetic beach pre wedding photoshoot pictures. For those of you who are obsessed
with the minimal couple shots in pastel undertones, the beach walk sounds awesome!
And, for those who are nature lovers, don’t forget to consider green spots around you!
No matter how minimal or crowded the venue is, all you have to do is to take a walk
with your soulmate.

Unquestionably, the feel of the portraits changes according to the details of the poses.
The couple shall choose to hold or not hold their hands. Likewise, one of them can
lead the other as they walk or they may walk together embracing each other. Eitherways,
the composition of the frame plays an important role in making the portraits more unique
and thrilling!

6) The Style Statement

The trends of 2021 have been keeping us mindblown with poses similar to that of
globally recognized fashion couture. Certainly, the Sabyasachi bridal couture has been
shocking us with gorgeous portraits that many wedding photographers have been
drawing inspiration from. Added to that, poses with an editorial touch have also been
rising to fame. Irrespective of the type of outlook our couple carries, these unique pre
wedding shoot poses for couples always do their magic.

Unlike the cliche poses where the couple threw their most bubbly self to the camera,
the pose we are talking about here is the extreme opposite of that. The bride and the
groom-to-be shall keep a mildly uptight model face without making any eye contact.

(Video) wedding photoshoot ideas | Christian wedding | Christian wedding photoshoot poses

The couple shall also gaze opposite ways by maintaining a steady posture. Instead of
standing next to each other, the bride-to-be may stand in front of the groom-to-be to
add an extra spicy detail.

7) Casual Semi-Candids

Causal breezy semi candids take almost zero effort in execution. Quoted as a perfect
blend of candids and planned shots, semi candid photos give a much more put-together
outlook. Here, the photographer guides the couple to achieve a breezy pose that might
actually seem candid. Added to the tips we have mentioned above, semi-candids are also
a great option for camera-shy couples.

By spotlighting the word ‘casual’, we mean clicking a series of shots with very minimal
background support, while the couple enjoys their time together. Here, we give importance
to hassle-free, fun poses like holding each other with a little chit-chat loud enough
for just them to hear.

8) The Eyelock

One of the most simple yet touchy pre-wedding poses includes just maintaining a
strong eye lock. The power of eye contact can tell us tales of deep unconditional
love and the indestructible emotional connection shared by two soulmates.

There are countless poses that can be worked with just the eye lock element. Holding
each other close or standing a feet apart with holding hands are two such options.
Oftentimes the couples end up giggling at each other while they are pulling off the
eye lock.

And, some other times, the couples get deeply engrossed in their precious memories
as they lock their eyes. Evidently, the poses that require heartfelt eye contact can
surprise you with goofy joyful pictures as well as intense, soulful photos.

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9) Breaking the Comfort Bubble

Latest pre wedding photoshoot poses that consist of athletic elements are highly
entertained by the new gen couples of 2022. Inspired by international fashion
magazines and editorial ads, couples attempt these poses with great enthusiasm and
energy. Sharp lift-ups at a safe outdoor space like beaches have been the crowd’s
favorites for quite some time. Poses that require gymnastic abilities as promoted by
fashion models have also been trending.

Certainly, care shall be given while choosing the venue for any such risky yet creative
pre wedding photoshoots. For example, gymnastic poses can be tried out indoors with a safe
landing set up. Though these poses appear to be super sleek and ultra-modern, the risk
factor shall also be given attention.

We hope that you had a great time enjoying the quirky pre-wedding poses we have presented
above. From extremely reserved camera-shy couples to vibrant jodis who love experimenting,
we have something for each and every one of you! We have taken great care to source poses
that are trendy, immortal and adventurous all under one topic! We hope that our curation
helped you gain confidence and clarity before you step out for your pre-wedding shoot!

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