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Germany has earned an esteemed reputation as a global leader in education, offering exceptional courses in diverse fields such as engineering, research, and academic training. According to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), about 330,000 international students are currently pursuing their education in Germany. Among them, around 25,000 are Indian students, making them the third-largest group of international students. Although the admission process to German universities for Indians is generally straightforward, a recent change in visa applications requires attention. As of November 1, 2022, Indian students applying to German universities must now submit an APS certificate with their student visa application.

1. Understanding the APS Certificate

The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) is responsible for assessing the authenticity of an applicant's Indian academic documents. The APS certificate serves as proof of their validity and indicates the applicant's eligibility to apply to German universities. Not only is this certificate mandatory for student visa applications, but some universities, such as the Technical University of Munich and the University of Münster, also require it. The Academic Evaluation Centre states that having an APS certificate simplifies the student visa application process and streamlines applications to German universities. To learn more about APS, visit their website.

Starting November 1, 2022, all visa appointments necessitate the submission of an APS certificate.

2. The Purpose of the APS Certificate

Any student applying to a German university for a Bachelor's, Master's, or other degree programs must obtain an APS certificate. Students submit their documents to the Academic Evaluation Centre, which verifies their authenticity and provides the certificate for inclusion in the student visa application.

3. When to Apply for an APS Certificate

As the APS certificate is a prerequisite for some universities, candidates must apply for the certificate before the admission procedure, along with other requirements such as IELTS or TOEFL scores. APS applications opened on October 1, 2022.

4. The APS Application Process

Here's a step-by-step guide to applying for the APS certificate:

  1. Register online at the APS website, download the form, fill it out, print it, and sign it. Ensure all information is accurate, as errors may invalidate the form.
  1. Transfer the APS procedure fee of ₹18,000 to the APS bank account. (Refer to the Trivia section below for APS Bank Account Details.)
  1. Submit the required documents to APS India via courier or post. (Refer to the Trivia section below for the postal address and contact details.)
  1. APS will assess and verify the documents, a process that takes approximately 2-3 weeks.
  1. Successful applicants will receive updates to their online profiles and five APS certificates sent via courier. Additional certificates can be obtained for ₹500 each.
  1. Successful candidates can apply to any German university and submit their student visa application through the VFS. For more information about the visa, visit the German consulate website.

5. Documents Checklist

  1. A printed and signed application form, including a passport-sized photo (not older than six months)
  1. A copy of the APS fee transfer receipt
  1. A copy of the Aadhaar card with a linked mobile number
  1. Copies of the passport (1st and last page)
  1. Copies of mark sheets and certificates
  1. Copies of language certificates in German and/or English

Note that the required documents may vary based on the degree level and program. Consult the APS document checklist for specifics.

6. Important Facts about APS Certificates

  • APS Certificate Validity
    • APS certificates are valid indefinitely once issued. However, if eligibility criteria change, re-issuance may be necessary. Check your eligibility for German universities here.

  • APS Certificate Cost
    • The fee for five APS certificates is ₹18,000. Each additional certificate costs ₹500. Certificates are delivered by post.

      APS Bank Account Details:

      Account Holder: Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany – Wiss AccountNumber: 0946426766Name of Bank: Kotak Mahindra BankIFSC Code: KKBK0000182

  • APS India Address
    • R.K. Khanna Stadium, 1 Africa Avenue, New Delhi – 110 029. For more information, click here.

  • Original Documents and Notarization
    • Only copies of documents are required for submission. However, inform your school/university/college about the submission, as APS may contact them for verification. Documents do not need to be notarized.

  • APS Certificate Exemptions
    • Students attending short-term courses (less than 90 days) at a German university are exempt from the APS requirement. However, any course exceeding 90 days requires an APS certificate.

      Note: Students funded by EU or German scholarship programs do not need to apply for APS certificates.

  • APS Certificate Processing Time
    • Successful applicants can expect to receive their certificates within 2-3 weeks after document submission.

  • TestAS Requirement
    • Candidates seeking admission to a Bachelor's program in Germany who have not yet graduated with an Indian Bachelor's degree must submit a TestAS score. Those who have cleared JEE Main and Advanced are exempted. This requirement applies from the Winter semester of 2023. Refer to the complete checklist for undergraduate students or categories here.

Here are two tables that can be helpful for understanding the APS certificate process:

Table 1: Steps to Apply for an APS Certificate




Register online at the APS website, fill out the form, print and sign it


Transfer the APS procedure fee of ₹18,000 to the APS bank account


Submit required documents to APS India via courier or post


Wait for APS document assessment and verification (2-3 weeks)


Receive 5 APS certificates via courier upon successful verification


Apply to German universities and for a student visa application through VFS

Table 2: Required Documents for APS Certificate Application




Printed and signed application form with a passport-size photo (not older than six months)


Copy of APS fee transfer receipt


Copy of Aadhaar card with linked mobile number


Copy of passport (1st and last page)


Copy of mark sheets and certificates


Copy of language certificate – German and/or English

These tables can help simplify the APS certificate application process and the required documents for potential students. You can include these tables in the blog to provide readers with a quick and concise overview of the process.


A recent study placed Germany 4th among the top 20 countries for higher education in 2022. While the German university application process is strict, it is also straightforward and easy to follow. New requirements like the APS certificate serve as a safety precaution for universities and an eligibility stamp for students. This not only smoothens the admission process but also ensures deserving students secure their places at prestigious German institutions. This blog has provided all the information needed to apply for and obtain an APS certificate. So, start the process and get closer to studying at your dream university!


What is the APS certificate?

The APS certificate is issued by the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) and serves as proof of the authenticity of an Indian student's academic documents when applying to German universities. It is now compulsory for Indian students applying for a German student visa.

Why is the APS certificate required?

The APS certificate ensures that the academic documents submitted by Indian students are authentic and verifies their eligibility to apply for German universities. This helps maintain the quality of students studying in Germany and streamlines the visa application process.

When should I apply for an APS certificate?

You should apply for the APS certificate before starting your admission procedure for German universities. Make sure to consider the processing time, which could take 2-3 weeks, and apply well in advance to avoid any delays in your university application process.

How do I apply for an APS certificate?

To apply for an APS certificate, you must register online on the APS website, fill out the application form, transfer the APS fee, and submit the required documents to APS India via courier or post. Upon successful verification of your documents, the APS certificate will be sent to you.

What are the documents required for the APS certificate application?

The documents required for the APS certificate application include a printed and signed application form, a copy of the APS fee transfer receipt, a copy of your Aadhaar card, a copy of your passport, copies of your mark sheets and certificates, and copies of your language certificates (German and/or English).

What is the cost of obtaining an APS certificate?

The cost of obtaining an APS certificate is Rs. 18,000 for five certificates. If you require additional certificates, they can be obtained for Rs. 500 each.

How long does it take to receive the APS certificate?

After submitting your documents, the processing time for the APS certificate is typically 2-3 weeks. However, this may vary depending on factors such as the volume of applications and the responsiveness of the educational institutions involved in the verification process.

Is the APS certificate valid indefinitely?

Yes, once issued, the APS certificate is valid indefinitely. However, if there are changes in the eligibility criteria, your certificate may need to be re-issued.

Are there any exemptions from the APS requirement?

Students pursuing a short-term course (less than 90 days) in Germany are exempt from the APS requirement. Additionally, students funded by EU or German scholarship programs do not need to apply for an APS certificate.

Recent Updates on APS Certificate Issuance

For latest news, check: https://aps-india.de/news/

In recent months, there have been several complaints and concerns from students regarding delays in the issuance of APS certificates. These delays have caused anxiety and uncertainty among aspiring students, as their plans to study in Germany are contingent on obtaining the APS certificate in a timely manner.

Reasons for Delays in APS Certificate Issuance

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic: The ongoing global health crisis has caused disruptions in various sectors, including education and visa processing. Staff shortages, reduced working hours, and safety measures at the APS offices may have led to delays in processing the applications.
  1. Increased Demand: With the recent change in regulations making APS certificates compulsory for Indian students applying for German student visas, there has been a surge in the number of applications submitted to the APS offices. The sudden increase in demand may have strained the available resources and processing capacity of the APS centers.
  1. Verification Process: The APS certificate process involves verifying the authenticity of academic documents, which requires contacting and coordinating with various educational institutions in India. Delays from these institutions in providing the necessary information can contribute to extended processing times for the APS certificates.

Recently, there have been growing concerns among students regarding the delays in the APS certificate issuing process. In an effort to expedite the process, universities have sent the admitted students' list for Summer 2023 to APS authorities, ensuring that their applications are prioritized and processed more quickly. Despite this, several students have been forced to defer their admission from Summer 2023 to Winter 2023 or even to the following academic year due to the ongoing delays. Many students are currently awaiting their certificates, having applied for them 3-4 months ago.

In response to this situation, some universities have shown flexibility by allowing the submission of APS certificates at the time of enrolment, while others still require the certificate before the application deadline. It is crucial that this issue is resolved promptly so that students planning to begin their studies in Winter 2023 do not have to face further deferrals to the next academic year. We remain optimistic that the concerned authorities will address these delays and find a solution that enables Indian students to pursue their higher education in Germany without any further hindrances.

UPDATE on 21 APR 2023:

APS India has announced that:

  • Paper certificates will be replaced by digital certificates to accelerate processing times and make it easier for students to apply to a greater number of German universities.
  • Digital certificates will be issued in a secure PDF file format and are validated by a digital signature.
  • Digital certificates have the same validity as the paper certificates and can be used for submitting documents at VFS, the German Embassy/Consulate for student visa applications, as well as at Uni-Assist and at German universities for the admission process.
  • Students who have already received their APS certificate in paper-printed form can be assured that their certificate remains valid and accepted by German authorities and universities.
  • APS India will follow up with another post on how to verify the authenticity of the digital certificate.
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