Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (2023)

Angelababy, or Angela Yeung Wing in real life, is one of China and Hong Kong’s biggest stars. Growing up amid her father’s influence, who owns a fashion business, Angelababy was exposed to a life of glamour early on.

As a teenager, she moved to Hong Kong to pursue a modeling career that turned into a movie opportunity. Angelababy is fluent in several languages, including English, hence it was also easy for her to transition in Hollywood, where she was named one of the most influential Asian stars under 30 years old.

But amid her story of success, Angelababy has been badgered with the most controversial plastic surgery rumors because she got famous for her heart-melting looks. The actress has been speculated to have gotten a nose job (rhinoplasty), a double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and a cosmetic alteration on her chin.

Angelababy addressed these rumors by taking those who questioned her beauty to court. She also underwent a documented check-up with a plastic surgeon in Beijing to refute those cosmetic surgery stories.

However, some fans think that the Chinese surgeon was paid under the table.

I must admit that this superstar is a stunner but something about her appearance did drastically change over the years. While changes can and do happen naturally for some girls, but can we say the same thing about her?

Furthermore, is she the chameleon who knows how to highlight her best features and hide her flaws — or did she have some procedures done?


    • Did Angelababy have eye surgery?
    • Has Angelababy had a nose job?
    • Does she have chin implant?
    • Did she get a boob job?
    • What about lip reduction?
  • Angelababy: Then and Now
    • Childhood: Shanghai born beauty
    • Teenager: They called her ‘baby’
    • Year 2007: Film debut
    • Year 2013: The rise to stardom
    • Year 2015: Hollywood debut
    • Year 2018: Skinny but elegant
    • Year 2019: Love for fashion
  • More Info about Angelababy
  • Conclusion

Before & After Photos

Angela baby claims that she’s an all-natural with inherited good genes so let’s go over some of her photos and I’ll let you decide whether she’s real or fake.

Did Angelababy have eye surgery?

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (1)

Angelababy has one of the most sparkling big eyes in Asia so some people think that she may have undergone an eye surgery to enhance her double eyelids.

(Video) ANGELABABY 楊穎 - From 1 to 28 years old 從1到28歲

When she was younger, the skin creases on her eyes do look less prominent though (camera angle?). There’s also no makeup trick in the “after” photo that can make those double eyelids pop like that, so I can understand where the noises are coming from.

Some fans also believe that Angelababy had an incision on the side of her eyes to increase its size and width. Apparently, this is a popular procedure among Asian celebrities so I wouldn’t be surprised if she did have her eyes widen. What do you think?

Has Angelababy had a nose job?

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (2)

Despite what the rumors say, I don’t think Angelababy got her nose fixed. To me, the size and shape of her nose are the same based on this old photo vs her most recent pic.If her nose did have slight differences, it’s probably the angle of the shot or the makeup style. There aren’t drastic changes so I’d say this is her natural nose.

Does she have chin implant?

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (3)

Angelababy’s chin in this “after” photo looks longer and pointier compared to her younger self, where her chin recedes and looks more round and short. Her jawline also looks more elongated and her face shape appears thinner as well.

Now, whether this is because she lost weight, lost baby fat, or as a result of chin implant, I’ll let you decide. All I can say is if this rumor is true, then she has a really good surgeon on her side. Her v-shape face is perfect!

Did she get a boob job?

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (4)

I don’t believe that Angelababy had a boob job or a breast enhancement surgery. I think the dress she wore in this “after” photo had a good support base so her cleavage was clearly defined. Looking closely at the “before” photo, I’d say that the size of her breasts is the same. It’s small, like any typical Asian body, but still full and rounded.

What about lip reduction?

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (5)

There have been talks suggesting that Angelababy might have undergone a lip reduction surgery on her upper lip when she was young. I must admit, I kind of agree.

If you look at her later photo, her lips aren’t as full and its shape appears to be more defined today. The corners of her mouth also seem to have been altered to a more symmetrical shape. Now whether this is natural growth or post-surgery result, I’ll leave that to you.

(Video) China's most famous movie star Angelababy in her first English interview | 60 Minutes Australia

Angelababy: Then and Now

Under the knife or not, there is no denying that Angela has angelic features. Let’s check out her transformation over the years and before she became famous.

Childhood: Shanghai born beauty

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (6)

Pretty Angelababy was born in Shanghai to Euro-Asian parents and this is part of the reason why she says that some of her features are natural and not cosmetically changed.

Not sure about you but based on this picture, I kind of believe her.

Teenager: They called her ‘baby’

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (7)

She got the nickname “Baby” as a primary school student and it stuck even as she’s now in her 30s. This photo of Angelababy, who started a modeling career at 14, is I think her most natural look.

I just don’t get the pig tails combined with the rounded-hoop earrings though. It sends a complicated message for whatever image she wants to conjure. Her hairstyle says cutesy teenager but her accessories are more suited for a grown woman.

Year 2007: Film debut

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (8)

She kicked off her movie appearance with “Trivial Matters,” where she had a five-minute exposure. But it was the start of a flourishing career that would make her one of the most popular Asian stars.

At this point, Angelababy’s physical transformation has begun with the obvious and drastic change to her eyes. I’ve got to admit, she looks younger and prettier with a sense of purity in her beauty.

Year 2013: The rise to stardom

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (9)

Angelababy’s media presence grew more popular as the years rolled but the plastic surgery buzz surrounding her also grew louder. If she had her chin and jaws enhanced, then I think this may be the year as she clearly has a thinner face shape and longer chin. Her lips also became smaller.

Then again, this image may just have been a bad photoshop job.

Year 2015: Hollywood debut

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (10)

Somehow, when Angelbaby debuted in Hollywood in the movie “Hitman: Agent 47” she had rounder chin again. Did she take out her rumored chin implants? Her facial features, especially around the eyes, look more refined now. She’s quite the head turner!

Year 2018: Skinny but elegant

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (11)

Baby displayed her flair for fashion in this gorgeous dress. She looks quite skinny but she’s still a beauty. She hasn’t shown any signs of aging at all!

Year 2019: Love for fashion

Angelababy: BEFORE and AFTER 2019 (12)

The superstar attends a Christian Dior fashion show in France with her hair pulled up neatly and just a few strands loose. I love her choice of red lipstick that defined her lip shape so well. She wore a simple little black dress for this affair and her overall look is smashing and definitely French chic.

(Video) Chinese actress Yang Ying AKA Angelababy on the red carpet - Daily Mail

More Info about Angelababy

Real Name: Angela Yeung Wing (Yang Ying)

Chinese Name: 杨颖

Birthday: 28 February 1989

Star Sign: Pisces

Birth Place: Shanghai, China

Nationality: Chinese, Hong Kong

Race / Ethnicity: Chinese, German

Occupation: Actress, Model, TV personality

Net Worth: $50 Million

Relationship: Married to Huang Xiaoming

Children: Little Sponge (小海绵)

Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)

(Video) 2019-06-01 外表柔弱力氣弱很大!曝Angelababy單手抱起小海綿

Weight: 46 kg (102 lb)

Body Measurement: 32-23-34 Inches

Bra Size: 32B

Dress Size: Unknown

Shoe Size: 8 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown


Call it envy, jealousy or whatever but according to some people, Angelababy’s beauty is far from natural. Her eyes have been a major talking point but in my opinion, I don’t think the changes were too dramatic.

If all the noises were true, however, then she must have a top plastic surgeon to work on improving her looks. Let’s face it, when you are one of the most recognizable faces in the Chinese region, you simply cannot risk botching a surgery.

As far as her chin is concerned, there are apparently chin fillers and this isn’t technically a surgical process. So, in a way, she’s kinda right denying she had “plastic surgery” and the truth is, nothing can be proven.

In terms of her nose, I still can’t get on board with the nose job rumors. It looks the same to me. In fact, it looks gorgeous the way it is…so why fix it if it’s not broken, right?

(Featured Image Source: Weibo)

(Video) Episode 2: Angelababy - What's Ladylike?


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She is popular on Weibo

She currently has more than 100 million followers on the Chinese social media platform.

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A live-streamed ceremony, 2,000 guests and a $30 million price tag – a Chinese model, actress and singer has had the wedding of her dreams come true. Angelababy, who has been dubbed China's Kim Kardashian, married her long-term boyfriend Huang Xiaoming in spectacular style in Shanghai earlier this month.

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What is the meaning of Angelababy? ›

Yang Ying's stage name, "Angelababy", by which virtually everyone knows her (most people are uncertain about her Chinese name or don't know it at all), comes from a combination of her English name "Angela" and her nickname "Baby".

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Huang Xiaoming net worth: Huang Xiaoming is a Chinese actor, singer, and model, who has a net worth of $80 million dollars.

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Is Angela a pretty name? ›

I think Angela is a pretty name. It sounds very heavenly and melodic. I love the meaning: “Messenger of God”. Also, I feel like people who have “angel” in their names tend to have strong personalities, such as Angela Merkel, Angelica Houston and Angelina Jolie.

What kind of person is Angela? ›

When people hear the name Angela, they perceive you as someone who is sympathetic, compassionate, and generous. People feel comfortable with and count on you for support. You don't care about fashion and are often shabbily dressed. Others see you as a maternal or paternal figure.

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Angela is a girl's name with Greek and Latin roots, meaning “messenger” or “messenger of God.” Angela derives from the Greek word Angelos, which translates to “angel,” but it has since acquired its “messenger of God” definition from the bible.

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  1. Phonetic spelling of Xiaoming. Shao-ming. xi-aom-ing. Xiaom-ing.
  2. Meanings for Xiaoming.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Autonomy of Hong Kong is safe, says liaison office chief Zhang Xiaoming.
  4. Translations of Xiaoming. Arabic : شياو مينغ Chinese : 小明 Russian : Сяомин

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How much is Yang Mi worth? ›

Biography. The Chinese actress, singer and film producer was voted the most popular female singer in mainland China in 2017 and is believed to be the most successful Chinese actress today, with a net worth estimated at around $30 million as of September 2017.

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What happen to Yang Mi? ›

After a long period of no news, her agency finally issued a statement, saying, "Yang Mi was accidentally injured during the recording of a programme, and was sent to the doctor for treatment as soon as possible. The doctor revealed that there was trauma at the corner of the eyelid and sutures were made.

Why did Hawick and Yang divorce? ›

They claimed that due to her work commitments, she decided to leave her daughter in the care of her parents-in-law in Hong Kong, which caused the relationship between the former couple to sour over arguments about her not being able to spend more time with the family.

Does Yang Mi have a baby? ›

Chinese actress Yang Mi gave birth to a baby girl on June 1, Children's Day, via Caesarean section in Hong Kong. Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau, Yang's husband, announced the baby's arrival in his microblog. "Welcome the new member of the Lau family!

Did Yang Yang get married? ›

No Yang Yang is not get married yet. People who interested in his personal life took rumors that yang yang has a wife secretly. But this is not true.

Who is Mark Chao wife? ›

Personal life. Mark married Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan in 2014. The two met on the set of Caught in the Web and welcomed a daughter - Rhea Chao in June 2019, one month after announcing that Gao was pregnant.

What ethnicity is Angelababy? ›

Angelababy was born in Shanghai, China to a Shanghainese mother and a father from Hong Kong, who is of half German and half Chinese descent. Her birth name is Yang Ying (Cantonese: Yeung Wing). Her father runs a fashion business in Shanghai.

Is Angelababy a parent? ›

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Is Yang Mi rich? ›

Chinese actress Yang Mi has proclaimed that she is wealthy enough not to care if potential suitors are after her money. The wildly popular star, who is reportedly worth 5 billion yuan (RM3bil), appeared on the latest episode of Chinese variety show Mao Xue Woof, hosted by musician Mao Buyi and comedian Li Xueqin.

How much is Yang Mi worth? ›

Biography. The Chinese actress, singer and film producer was voted the most popular female singer in mainland China in 2017 and is believed to be the most successful Chinese actress today, with a net worth estimated at around $30 million as of September 2017.

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