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From mountains to beaches, sweltering summers to snowy winters, there are surroundings and seasons for every preference across India’s vibrant landscape. Filled with rich histories, diverse cultures, and tons of generosity and warmth, many Indian cities manage to strike the right balance between modern-day conveniences and maintaining a community spirit.

In the past few decades, there has been a boom in the technology and tourism sector, rapid growth in education and a multitude of job opportunities attracting Indian citizens to its big cities. The lure of relocation for studies, employment and even retirement is greater than ever. So which Indian cities rank best for these benefits? We’ve covered the most sought-after cities in India so you can make an informed decision if you are considering taking the leap.

1. Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka

Before its name change and IT boom, Bangalore was primarily known for its great weather and scenic surroundings. Today, its climate, which remains cool through most of the year, is still a big draw to those who experience India’s long hot and humid summers or frigid winters. The city still boasts beautiful parks and tree-lined streets with colourful blossoms. The ‘garden city’ also goes by another name – in the last decade, it’s been referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ because of the huge number of technology giants and IT professionals here. And because of its iconic IT status and the wealth of job opportunities, you’ll find it a preferred location for many young students and professionals.

From entertainment and shopping to art and culture, you’ll find it all in this spirited city. There are no shortages of shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, exhibition halls and galleries here. There are plenty of historical and cultural sites to explore, parks to relax in or exercise at and holiday locations just short drives and flights away.

Some favourite places frequented by Bangalore residents include Cubbon Park, Nandi Hills, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore Palace, ISKCON Temple and the National Gallery Of Modern Art.

Neighbourhoods are friendly and welcoming, rents are affordable and civic amenities are almost always up to the mark. If there is one gripe that Bengaluru has, though, it’s its well-documented traffic woes. During peak hours at busy motorways, getting through even a few kilometres can be a lengthy ordeal if you are driving.

2. Pune, Maharashtra

A great option for education, Pune is bustling with a vibrant student culture. Like Bengaluru, it’s a hot IT hub that attracts scores of young and bright professionals looking to make it big in the tech world. A city to satisfy all your urban cravings for restaurants, pubs and bars, nightlife and trendy cafes, Pune is also a culturally-rich city that retained its glorious Marathi history through its theatre, art, food and more.

Some favourite places frequented by Pune residents include Shaniwar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, the Osho Ashram, Empress Garden, Parvati Hill, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and Katraj Snake Park.

Pune is not as populated as many big cities like Bangalore and Mumbai so you won’t find yourself whining about the traffic too much. Accommodation prices and the cost of living is also pretty affordable – on par with places such as Bangalore. Pune may be Maharashtra’s second biggest city but, thankfully, its housing costs are no way near the sky-high prices of the largest Maharashtran city, Mumbai.

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Pune’s climate too draws many – it’s relatively pleasant with summers getting warm, rarely beyond a bearable 35°C.

3. Surat, Gujarat

If you are longing for clean and litter-free streets, Surat may be on the card for you. Surat was voted the second cleanest city in India in the Swachh Survekshan 2022- the government’s annual cleanliness survey. It scored 6,925 points out of a total points of 7,500, just behind Indore in Madhya Pradesh which has 7,146 points.

The diamond capital of India is growing at breakneck speeds, with a booming textile industry specialising in fabrics such as silk, khadi and brocade. Its annual GDP growth is estimated at 11.5%. Gujarat is also heaven for those who love Indian handicraft and handloom products.

Besides its diamonds, fabrics and cleanliness, Surat has plenty of other great pros. Its delicious Gujarati food is savoured throughout the country and you will get all the authentic flavours right in this city. Residents swear by the mouth-watering street food like dabeli, the yummy sweet Surati Ghari and the over-the-top indulgent Gujarati Thali consisting of snacks/farsans, vegetable dishes, shaak, yogurt, desserts and more.

The housing options are plenty, suiting every budget and costs are affordable. Road connectivity to various important centres is excellent too, making Surat an amazing place to live and work in.

4. Mumbai, Maharashtra

The city that never sleeps, Mumbai is known for its spirit, ambition and cut-throat competition. If you are looking to make it big and ready to give it your all, there is no better city to try your luck. From Bollywood to big business, this city is bursting with manic energy and the best can truly blossom here. It’s always crowded, with over 23 million people. It is the sixth most populous metropolitan area in the world.

Mumbai has a beautiful coastline with gorgeous beaches and promenades. It houses UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Elephanta Caves and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. Its city centre houses gorgeous Victorian and Art Deco buildings and the whole area is filled with rich history and culture.

The city is connected well with its road network and is known for its railway system that transports millions daily. Traffic is still, however, an issue at peak hours.

Rents and property prices are skyhigh and Mumbai is the most expensive city to live in in India. If you are starting out, you may be shocked at the cost of rent for a 1BHK, which can be around Rs. 60,000 in sought-after areas in the city.

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5. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

If cost of living is a big factor in deciding which city to live in, then Chennai is a great option. It is one of the most affordable cities in India to live in with low rents and great work opportunities, with a booming IT industry. In fact, Chennai is second only to Bangalore when it comes to tech hubs in India. There are a huge number of startups and software companies thriving in this city.

Chennai is known for its amazing food and coffee culture. If you love South Indian cuisine, this city is where you can sample some of the best dosas, idlis and chutneys. There are great malls, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and bars so you won’t be left wanting for things to do or entertainment options.

Tamil Nadu’s capital is filled with historical sites. You’ll find old temples, forts, buildings and churches. Some must-visit places include the Government Museum, Fort St George, Valluvar Kottam, San Thome Cathedral Basilica and Victoria Public Hall.

There are beautiful beaches to explore and a host of wonderful places only short drives away. It’s the perfect location for road trips and weekend getaways. Popular holiday spots near Chennai include Mahabalipuram (57 kilometres away), Pondicherry (170 kilometres away), Tirupati (134 kilometres away), Vellore(138 kilometres away) and Yelagiri Hills (230 kilometres away).

With all its positives, Chennai does have one factor that many would consider a major downside: its heat. The summers are extremely hot and humid with temperatures going as high as 40°C.

6. Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Navi Mumbai, also known as New Bombay, is a planned city in the state of Maharashtra. Here you will find a wide range of great sites to visit. There is Central Park, Pandavkada Falls, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Rock Garden, DY Patil Stadium, Gadeshwar Dam, Belapur Mango Garden, Wonder Park, Airoli Knowledge Park, Sagar Vihar Garden, Nerul Balaji Temple, Bhawani Temple, Shiva Temple, ITC Park, Millennium Business Park.

Navi Mumbai scores high on our livability list because of its great balance of commercial and community. Rents are reasonable if you compare it to neighbouring Mumbai. There are tons of large organisations and job opportunities and plenty of recreational spaces like parks, shopping centres, restaurants and pubs.

Another huge factor adding to Navi Mumbai’s appeal is that, unlike Mumbai, it is relatively clean and air pollution isn’t sky-high. Public transport via the railway and bus network is great so commuting isn’t a hassle – plus, the upcoming metro will make travelling even easier. However, if you happen to work in Mumbai, you may end up spending many hours commuting to and from work every day.

7. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Most Indians have known Ahmedabad as being a famous textile hub, producing an amazing array of fabrics and designs. It is known as the ‘Manchester of the East’ because of its likeness to the famous cotton textile centre of Manchester. Even today, people visit from all over to purchase the beautiful traditional textiles available here.

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Ahmedabad is one of the most affordable cities in India. It is clean and has great infrastructure with good schools, hospitals, malls, parks and restaurants. If you love Gujarati food, you can enjoy some of the best snacks like Khakhra, Fafda, Dhokla, Thepla, Dal Vada, Dabeli, Sev and Farsan here.

There are many beautiful architectural and historic monuments. One of the most famous is The Sabarmati Ashram where Mahatma Gandhi once lived. It is now a museum. Other attractions in the city include Statue of Unity, Swaminarayan Temple, Manek Chowk and Lal Darwaja Market. Those who love rich fabrics cannot miss the wedding shopping centre at Dhalgarwad.

Ahmedabad has great options for its residents with nice neighbourhoods in areas such as Satellite, SG Highway and Prahlad Nagar. Here you can find cosy apartments and homes at reasonable and affordable rents to suit all budgets.

While Ahmedabad is not as fast paced as some Indian cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, it is still a good option if you are looking for a slower pace and affordability.

8. Kolkata, West Bengal

Formerly known as Calcutta, the capital of the eastern state of West Bengal is one of the most crowded cities in India. However, don’t let that stop you from exploring this ‘Cultural Capital’ that is known for its rich history, great food, amazing literature, delectable sweets and street food. Kolkata is one of the most affordable big cities in India to live in, with the cost of living much lower than cities like Mumbai and Bangalore.

Located along the Hooghly River, Kolkata is also scenic to boot, making it a wonderful option for living. There are plenty of well-known international and Indian organisations with offices here, including Britannia, Coal India, National Insurance Company, Reliance Industries and ITC Limited. It also ranks as one of India’s top ten wealthiest cities, having an estimated GDP of $150.1 billion.

Some places visitors must go to in Kolkata include Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace, Howrah Bridge, Sunderbans and Kalighat Kali Temple.

If you love art, music and architecture, Kolkata is one of the best places in India to learn and enjoy these things. There are always cultural events and festivals celebrating music, art, films and food. The museums and historical sites are well-kept and a joy to visit. You can immerse yourself in its colonial past through the famous architecture and literary wonders.

While Kolkata has plenty of offer, keep in mind that it may not be on par with other metropolitan cities in India in terms of the best infrastructure.

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9. Hyderabad, Telangana

Hyderabad is growing at a fast pace and a great option for affordability and work opportunities. It’s an ideal place for those who are starting their careers and families, too, as rents are on the low side but there are great schools, hospitals and other civic amenities available.

Young residents enjoy the nightlife, restaurants, pubs and shopping centres that dot this exciting city. And for those who love biryani, Hyderabad is heaven with a huge range of delicious options.

As far as housing goes, you can find modern highrises in this metropolitan city. These are great options as amenities are plenty and rents are extremely affordable. Hyderabad is an up and coming IT hub with many startups and tech companies running here so those in the IT sector will find many like minded people to mix with.

Even with its modern comforts, Hyderabad still exudes old-world charm, with its rich culture and heritage still evident in its practised traditions. There are plenty of beautiful historical sites like Golconda Fort, Charminar, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Mecca Masjid, Chowmahalla Palace, Salar Jung Museum, Taramati Baradari and Malwala Palace.

Traffic is well under control and you won’t find yourself in a jam too often when driving like other big cities in India. Weather can be an issue in Hyderabad though, with summers getting extremely hot and humid.

10. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

After Chennai, Coimbatore is the largest city in Tamil Nadu. It’s a warm and welcoming city with plenty of great getaways nearby that its residents can take advantage of. Hill stations near Coimbatore include Ooty, Valparai and Wayanad.

Coimbatore is a scenic city with beautiful temples, parks, modern buildings and waterfalls through the locality. There are good schools and hospitals here so it is a great place to live with your family. Rents are very affordable, with a good 2BHK well within reach with a Rs15,000 budget.

Some of Coimbatore’s main attractions include the Marudhamalai Hill Temple, Monkey Falls, VOC Park and Zoo. It is also famous for its 112-foot-tall statue of Lord Shiva known as the Adiyogi Shiva Statue. This statue is included in the Guinness Book of World Records and tourists from all over the world visit it when they come to the city.

For those who love nature and the outdoors, the weather in Coimbatore is pleasant almost all through the year and there is lots of lush greenery around.

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Although it is a smaller city, there are good roads that are well maintained and the civic amenities are good. There are also more than enough entertainment options around with restaurants, malls and multiplexes in most areas.


10 Best Cities in India to Live And Work in 2023 - MyGate? ›

Delhi was the largest city in terms of number of inhabitants in India in 2023. The capital city was estimated to house nearly 33 million people, with Mumbai ranking second that year. India's population estimate was 1.4 billion, ahead of China that same year.

Which is the No 1 city In India 2023? ›

Delhi was the largest city in terms of number of inhabitants in India in 2023. The capital city was estimated to house nearly 33 million people, with Mumbai ranking second that year. India's population estimate was 1.4 billion, ahead of China that same year.

Which is the No 1 living city In India? ›

Summing Up: Most Livable Cities in India

In the 2022 list, Bangalore secured first position, followed by Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Surat, Navi Mumbai, Coimbatore, Vadodara, Indore and Greater Mumbai. Cities are judged based on culture and environment, stability, health, infrastructure and education.

Which city is best to settle In India? ›

Best cities to live in India: Chennai

Chennai is one of the best cities in India to live and work in. It is also a famous tourist destination. The city is well-known for its distinct culture, enthusiasm for music, temples, beaches, severe hot weather, and IT hub. The nightlife is also quite appealing to young people.

Which city has more job opportunities In India? ›


The first on the list is Bangalore, also known as the Silicon city of India. In the last few decades, Bangalore has emerged as India's IT hub. Lakhs of people move to Bangalore every year to start their careers.

Which is the cleanest city in India 2023? ›

1. Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Thanks to planned waste segregation, conversion and disposal, Indore is the cleanest city in India 2023.

What are the top 5 richest cities of India? ›

5 Indian Cities Make It To The List
  • Mumbai- 59,400 millionaires.
  • Delhi- 30,200 millionaires.
  • Bengaluru- 12,600 millionaires.
  • Kolkata- 12,100 millionaires.
  • Hyderabad- 11,100 millionaires.
  • More About The Report.
Apr 19, 2023

What is India's wealthiest city? ›

Financial Capital

Mumbai is India's wealthiest city, with 59,400 millionaire residents. It ranks 21st among the richest in the world.

Which is the happiest city in India to live? ›

Kanpur in India's Uttar Pradesh is the only city from India to be in the list of the happiest cities.

Which city is very peaceful in India? ›

Set in Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is known to be one of the most peaceful destinations in India. While being home to a myriad of Yoga centres and Ashrams, Rishikesh is now famously called the Yoga capital of India.

Which is the cleanest city in India? ›

Indore - Cleanest City in India & Well-developed Infrastructure. Indore, the state's largest and most populous city, won the title of 'Cleanest City'. It is the headquarters of the Indore District and the Indore Division.

Which city is most hardworking In India? ›

Mumbai tops the chart with a whacking annual average of 3,315 hours. At the other end of the scale is Rome, where the average worker clocks up only 1,581 hours per year - well under half the figure for their Mumbaikar counterparts.

Which field is booming In India? ›

Jobs with the highest salaries in India are medical professionals, data scientists, machine learning experts, blockchain developers, full-stack software developers, investment bankers and product managers.

Which city In India has the highest employment rate? ›

Cities ranked by employability in India 2022

In 2022, in India, the city of Pune had the highest employability at just over 78 percent. This was followed by the cities of Lucknow and Trivandrum at a little above 74 percent and around 66 percent respectively.

Which is the No 1 developing city in India? ›

Cuttack, Mangalore, Durg-Bhilai, Panchkula, Kanpur, Ranchi, Dehradun, and Noida are among the top 10 fastest developing Indian cities. Bangalore is India's IT capital, commonly known as the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore is the country's second-fastest-growing metropolitan metropolis.

Which Indian city is fastly growing? ›

Bengaluru To Be Asia-Pacific's Fastest-growing City In 2023

India's high-tech industry city Bengaluru is projected to be the fastest-growing city in the Asia-Pacific region in 2023 followed by Hyderabad, according to Oxford Economics, an independent economic advisory firm.

Where is the safest place to live in India? ›

Which is the safest city in India? As of 2022, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) claims that Kolkata is the safest city in India. It has less crime rate compared to other metropolitan cities.

Which is greenest city in India? ›

Mysore, Karnataka

Without a doubt, Mysore is India's greenest city. Also, one of the best-planned cities in the country, Mysore has a number of city gardens, tree-lined streets, waterfalls and lakes. Also, Mysore city is well-known for its efficient drainage and sewage systems.

What is the cleanest state of India? ›

Chhattisgarh is given the 'Cleanest State' title in India among the states that have more than 100 urban local bodies.

Which is the cleanest city of Asia? ›

You'll be surprised to know the knowledge the villagers of Mawlynnong have about nature conservation that will encourage you to travel responsibly. Mawlynnong has earned the place of being the “cleanest village in Asia”. Why? The population of this village is environmentally conscious about nature conservation.

Where do rich people live in India? ›

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and is also home to the maximum number of wealth creators of the country with over 280 of the richest Indians residing in the city that is also known as the 'City of Dreams'.

Which is poorest city in India? ›

Shravasti 'tops' the list, with 74.38 per cent of the population deemed to be “multidimensionally poor”, followed by neighbouring Bahraich (71.88 per cent) in second position, and Balrampur (69.45 per cent) in fourth.

What is the wealthiest part of India? ›

Mumbai, the wealthiest city in the nation, serves as India's financial centre and is the residence to many of the country's billionaires.

What are the 3 most important cities in India? ›

The 3 UAs with populations of 10 million and above are known as Mega Cities (The census defines the three as Greater Mumbai UA (18.4 million), Delhi UA (16.3 million) and Kolkata UA (14.1 million))

What are the most expensive cities to live in India? ›

According to Mercer's 2022 Cost of Living survey, Mumbai is the most expensive city to live in India.

Why Goa is rich? ›

Resources. Goa is rich in minerals. Mining began in the mid-20th century, and over the next few decades it emerged as a central component of the state's economy. Iron ore, manganese, and bauxite are among the primary products of the industry.

In which city most rich people live? ›

The Top 10 Wealthiest Cities in the World in 2023
  • New York City. The Big Apple is home to 340,000 millionaires, 724 centi-millionaires, and 58 billionaires. ...
  • Tokyo. Tokyo has 290,300 resident millionaires, 250 centi-millionaires, and 14 billionaires. ...
  • The Bay Area. ...
  • London. ...
  • Singapore. ...
  • Los Angeles. ...
  • Hong Kong. ...
  • Beijing.

Which is the No 1 beautiful city In India? ›

Varanasi. One of India's most beautiful cities, Varanasi is a wonderful destination. The city is one of the holiest for Hindus across the world, situated by the holy River Ganga, the city is a spiritual wonder where people come to seek blessings.

Which is the most stressful city In India? ›

Delhi ranks as the second-most stressful city in the world according to a survey by a global insurance provider. Most of us plan in advance before embarking on a journey, especially if we are travelling overseas.

Which city is cheapest to live In India? ›

The city is also known as the "cultural capital of India." Kolkata is the ideal place to live for those seeking a high standard of living at a low cost. The delicious, budget-friendly street food, comfy clothes, and affordable housing make Kolkata the cheapest city to live in in India.

Which is the safest state in India? ›

Among states, Kerala has the highest crime rate, and Nagaland has the lowest crime rate in 2021.

Which city is more popular in India? ›

Mumbai. The financial capital of India and the capital of Maharastra is the most populated city in India. Mumbai has a population of over 12.7 million, with a population density of 21,000 per square kilometer.

What is the least popular city in India? ›

1. Sikkim. Sikkim has the lowest population of any state in India. The 2011 census revealed a total population of 610,577 in Sikkim.

Is Bangalore a clean city? ›

Despite nearly Rs 1,500 crore being spent on solid waste management per year, Bengaluru drew a blank in the garbage-free city category of the nationwide Swachh Survekshan cleanliness ranking.

Which is the cleanest city in Asia 2023? ›

Mawlynnong village is famous for its cleanliness and was awarded the title of the cleanest Village in Asia. This village is also earning for itself the title 'God's Own Garden'. It is located in the east Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, about 90 km from Shillong.

Which is the cleanest city in our world? ›

The cleanest cities in the world
  • Copenhagen, Denmark. If you're wondering who currently holds the squeaky-clean crown, Copenhagen has been voted time and time again as the cleanest city in the world (according to the Economist). ...
  • Luxembourg. ...
  • Zurich, Switzerland. ...
  • Helsinki, Finland. ...
  • Calgary, Canada.
Sep 1, 2022

Which state in India has best employment? ›

States ranked by employability in India 2022

In 2022, in India, the state of Maharashtra had the highest employability, that is, the most number of graduates eligible to be employed, at just over 66 percent. This was followed by the states of Uttar Pradesh and Kerala at around 65 percent and around 64 percent.

Which city is most attractive for work? ›

The top 10 most attractive cities for the global workforce are:
  • London 22%
  • New York 16%
  • Berlin 15%
  • Barcelona 15%
  • Amsterdam 14%
  • Dubai 12%
  • Los Angeles 11%s.
  • Paris 11%

Which is the best place to work in India? ›

Here are this year's Top 25 Companies to work in India
1Tata Consultancy Services
3Morgan Stanley
4Reliance Industries Limited
5Macquarie Group
21 more rows
Apr 20, 2023

Which sector will boom in 2023 in India? ›

In addition to this, the Indian government's green energy push has led to the renewables industry growing at an astounding rate. Moreover, the forthcoming budget for F.Y. 2023-2024 will likely push renewables even further. This makes the energy sector one of the best sectors to invest in India right now.

What is the easiest job with high salary in India? ›

High-earning part-time jobs
  1. Bartender. Average Salary: ₹16,388 per month. ...
  2. Bank teller. Average Salary: ₹17,834 per month. ...
  3. Tour guide. Average Salary: ₹18,625 per month. ...
  4. Personal driver. Average Salary: ₹15,566 per month. ...
  5. Phlebotomist. Average Salary: ₹14,741 per month. ...
  6. School bus driver. ...
  7. Nanny. ...
  8. 8. Mail carrier.
Mar 25, 2023

What is India's highest demand? ›

Clothing & Apparels

One thing that would never go out of demand is clothing! They are one of the most selling products in India. Especially with players like Myntra, Amazon, Meesho, etc., clothing and apparel are available to people at affordable rates and quick delivery. Check out our amazon clothing store online.

Which sector do Indians get most employment? ›

Agriculture and allied activities provide the highest employment in the Indian economy. In India, Agriculture employs 50%-60% of the population.

Which is the biggest employment opportunity in India? ›

Largest employers
1Indian Armed Forces1,400,000
2Indian Railways1,254,000
3Paramilitary forces of India10,65,000
4Tata Group935,000
19 more rows

Which sector is largest employment in India? ›

The correct option is A Primary sector The primary sector employs the largest portion of the Indian population. The primary sector predominently comprises the agricultrual sector.
  • The sector is the largest employer in India.
  • Identify the reason for the primary sector being the largest employer in India.

Which is the 1 richest city in India? ›

The financial capital of India and home to India's richest billionaires, Mumbai is the wealthiest city in the country. It ranked on the 21th spot in the Henley & Partners World's Wealthiest Cities List 2023.

Which are the richest cities in India by 2025? ›

Delhi, Mumbai among world's richest cities in 2025.

What is the best city in the world 2023? ›

According to the latest survey by real estate and tourism consultancy Resonance, London has been named as the best city in the world for 2023, beating Paris, New York, Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and many other popular cities across the globe.

Where do rich live in India? ›

Mumbai is home to the highest number of billionaires in the country with 72 billionaires living in the city, according to Hurun Global Rich List 2022.

Which state has best economy in India? ›

1) Per capita Income: on this parameter, in FY 2023, Telangana recorded the highest per capita income of ₹2,75,443. It was followed by Karnataka with ₹2,65,623, Tamil Nadu with ₹2,41,131, Kerala with ₹2,30,601, and lastly Andhra Pradesh with ₹2,07,771 among five major south Indian states.

Which city is most advanced in India? ›

Ans: Mumbai is considered to be the most advanced city in India as it is the financial capital of the market of the country. Q2: Which city is the cleanest city in India? Ans: Noida is the cleanest city in India.

Which is the fastest growing cities in India Forbes? ›

Chennai, India

Located on India's east Asian coast, the city has so far this year created over 100,000 jobs--more than any other Indian city outside of the much larger Delhi and Mumbai.

Which is the 7th richest city in India? ›

With an estimated GDP of $69 billion, pune is the seventh richest city in India. 8. Ahmedabad- GDP $68 Billion: One of the richest cities in india, ahmedabad is known as the Manchester of the East.

What is the best city to work in 2023? ›

America's best (and worst) cities for employment opportunity and earning potential. Above you'll see that Nashville, TN tops the list as the best city in 2023 boasting the highest employment and earnings score of 86.7. Fast-growing Austin, TX places second on the list with an employment and earnings score of 85.6.

Where is everyone moving to in 2023? ›

Based on migration data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans are moving to Austin, Texas; Raleigh, North Carolina; Orlando, Florida; Dallas, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona. The most moved-to cities are based on percentage increases in population since 2010.

Where is best to live in 2023? ›

Countries by HDI
#CountryHuman Development Index (2021)
4Hong Kong0.95
109 more rows


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